Art and Nature Come Together to Create Stunning Night Time Forest Hike in Norway

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Visitors to Norway will immediately be blown away by the stunning natural beauty of the country. With spectacular mountain ranges, gorgeous, fairy-tale like fjords, majestic glaciers and peaceful, tranquil forests and woodland, Norway is a destination that gets a lot of foot-fall from those who enjoy spending time around beautiful nature....

Krakow Sightseeing – where can you find help in organising a trip to Krakow?

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More than anything else, a holiday is supposed to be a chance to relax, see new places and do new things. Sometimes, though, organisational hassles and unwelcome surprises can make it hard to enjoy yourself. But things are different when you are visiting friends. You have someone to not only show you around and give helpful advice but...

Charming Hotels – The Promise of an Escape to Awaken Your Yenses

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Charming hotels will make your trip to France and the rest of Europe a success this is because there are many hotels at your deposition that offers pleasant and comfortable accommodation. No matter which of the hotel you choose, be sure of getting unique and unforgettable services during your stay. Below are services offered hotels: EARLY...

New to Kayaking? Here are some Tips to get you Started

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It’s really no wonder kayaking is so popular nowadays. This intricate dance of maneuvers, strokes and balance between boat, paddle and person are quite extraordinary. It’s also a sport that can easily be done by anyone with a little core and arm strength and, most importantly, a love of water. Kayaking There are a lot of people trying out kayaking...

How to Prepare a Survival Kit for Backpacking

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The backpacking season for many is probably over until the spring, but that probably won’t stop others from going out for weekend hikes regardless, or, at least, to start planning for next year’s incursions. Many of those who strike out next year may well be doing it for the first time, and for those fresh-faced explorers we’ve...

From Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon: How Rock Formations Are Made

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Monument Valley

Rock formations are truly a thing of beauty if you take the time to admire them. Too often people take them for granted, including the incredible processes and forces of nature that had to occur in order to make them what they are today. photo by: ...

Munich: Five places to visit when you travel to Germany’s greatest city

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Munich is one of the most iconic cities in continental Europe and thousands of tourists visit the city every single year. Although it ranks behind Berlin and Hamburg in terms of size and population, Munich has a cultural history and heritage unlike anywhere else in Germany. From the famous German street festivals to the Olympic Stadium,...

Quick guide to transportation in Tokyo

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Japan Rail Passes

As a born and bred Londoner, I thought I had city transport down to a fine art. Changing lines, making connections, finding the right bus stop and generally navigating my way around a metropolis was no big deal – until I got to Tokyo that is! Though a little confusing, being lost in Tokyo is actually a lot of fun. There are few better...

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort at the Hotel Miralago in Milan

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Whether you’re traveling to Italy on business or pleasure, stay in a hotel near the fair in Milan. The hotel Miralago in Cernobbio is easily accessible from Milan International Airport and is a prime location for guests on holiday or business travelers.  This charming hotel is located near Villa Erba, a famous international conference...

The Best Clubs in London

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London Clubs

London has always been one of the coolest cities in the world. It’s got it all; world class restaurants, amazing shopping, cool architecture and history like nowhere else in the world. There is one reason why, however, London shines above all other cities. It’s the number of the best clubs in the world that are situated in...

Start your Latin American Adventure in Mexico

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Mexico travel

If you are planning your first trip to Latin America, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the dazzling procession of available adventures. Mexico travel Mexico holidays are a welcoming North American gateway to the diverse patchwork of Central and Southern states below it. First Choice flies out to this Latin jewel and from here you can work your way down...

Essential Travel Guide to Sicily

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Travel Guide to Sicily

In recent years, the splendid Italian island of Sicily has become an incredibly popular destination for holiday makers. Located in the central Mediterranean, just off the Italian peninsula, Sicily can be easily reached by aeroplane, cruise ship or boat and has a great deal to offer the avid explorer, as well as those who are looking to...