A Mediterranean cruise is a fantastic option for your honeymoon, with lots of benefits over a traditional holiday.

Cruise Honeymoon

Cruise Honeymoon

Here’s ten reasons why a Mediterranean cruise can offer an unforgettable honeymoon.

1. You Won’t Have Just ‘One’ Honeymoon

With a Mediterranean cruise, you are able to visit a variety of destinations. Instead of staying in just say, Spain, you can visit Italy, Spain and Rome on the same trip.

2. You Can Tailor the Cruise to Your Preferred Age Range

Cruises aren’t just for retirees anymore, but cruise companies can still cater to that age group for more mature honeymooners. Depending on the age bracket of the cruise you take, the activities vary widely.

3. A Hassle-Free Honeymoon

A cruise will take the stress and planning out of your honeymoon. As many cruises offer excursions, you can opt in to these to ensure that everything is taken care of and you can sit back and enjoy an stress-free honeymoon.

4. You Can Order Special ‘Romance’ Packages

Cruises offer special romance packages for honeymooners, which you may not find if you book a hotel. From champagne to special tables for two, make sure you book early to take the best advantage of these offers.

5. The Ship Itself Has A Lot to Keep You Occupied

Staying in a hotel can sometimes be quite dull, but cruise ships are generally equipped like a small city, with shops, mini-golf courses and Royal Caribbean Cruises even have surf parks and rock climbing!

6. Price Range to Suit Any Budget

With many cruises offering complete packages for a huge range of prices, you needn’t worry about running out of money on-board.

7. Cruises Leave from a Variety of Ports

Cruises depart from a range of easy to get to places. You can catch many cruises from Southampton to Edinburgh, but make sure that wherever you’re departing from, you get there in plenty of time because of the unpredictability of traffic and flights.

8. The Entertainment on the Ship Can be Very Romantic

Cruises typically offer dinner dances, intimate dinners and nights in the theatre. Make sure you get a list of activities on the ship and plan well in advance so you don’t miss out on anything.

9. You Have the Ability to Customise Your Cruise Package

Most cruises allow you to customise your holiday from the days you spend on-board to the places you visit. You can sometimes even elongate your stay in your final destination and fly home afterwards.

10. Post-Wedding Relaxation

Almost all cruise ships come extensively equipped with spas, for post-wedding stress relief.

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These are just ten reasons why cruise ships are a wonderful idea for a honeymoon; they offer variety and unparalleled choice and a stress-free way to spend post-marriage bliss.