There is no logical explanation behind it, but whenever people are in a vacation, they seem to be a lot more courageous than they normally are. From trying exotic food to doing activities they are scared of back home, vacation seems to go hand in hand with building up courage.

Hot air balloonmortimer? / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

So, here are four courageous and fun activities you can experiment while vacationing.

1. Water skiing

This one is just for those who are not afraid of water and are good swimmers. But, who knows, with the help of a life vest, even the most inexperienced swimmer could try it. As the name says it clearly, water skiing is a type of skiing performed on the water, while being towed by a boat. The equipment is different from the skiing you usually do on snow and the techniques are slightly different, but the base is about the same: balance, courage and fun. The history of water skiing goes back to 1922, when Sir Ralph Samuelson built one pair of skis and was pulled by a motorboat. Soon after, his fun activity turned into a sport which attracted more and more curious people, gradually increasing in the early `30s. So, if you’re vacationing at the beach, this is something you should be doing.

2. Hot air balloon

This time, we’re up in the air. If you’re afraid of heights, this is the perfect time to get rid of all your fears and try something which is not in your comfort zone. Hot air balloon flying will allow you to see spectacular landscapes and enjoy a feeling of complete relaxation. The first hot air balloon flight was conducted by Pilatre de Rozier, who flew a balloon made the Montgolfière brothers. This great deed took place on November 21st 1783 over Paris and lasted 28 minutes. The altitude reached was 1.000 m. The modern history of hot air balloons goes back in the ‘50s or ‘60s when Ed Yost was the first American to fly in a new model hot air balloon, which was very close to the form we know today.

3. Tandem parachute jump

Tandem parachuting gives you both a sense of freedom and safety, as you are connected with an experienced instructor by harness and at the same time you get to experience free-falling from 4.000 m. The sensation is incredible and most of the people who have done it have a hard time explaining the feeling with words.

4. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is pretty old news, but it still gives incredible sensations to those who are brave enough. This activity has been described as a jump into for complete freedom, because it is exactly how you feel. With only an elastic rope tied around your legs, and don’t worry because it’s strong, you jump from a tall structure. This is when the adrenaline kicks in. Members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports made the very first modern bungee jumps on 1 April 1979. Shortly after, they were arrested, but continued with jumps in the US, making this sport popular worldwide.

So, if you’re ready to add an extra rush to your vacation, you can try any of the activities mentioned above. Don’t forget to pack your Reef fanning flip flops for comfortable long walk while searching for courageous activities.

Nate Brown is a 30-year old dad who enjoys taking care of his house – no rest for him, even on the weekends. When he’s not busying himself with chores, Nate keeps up a blog on lifestyle, trends, and style. Nate highly recommends Reef fanning flip flops for those who care enough, and with equal measure, about their look and their comfort.