More and more ladies venture out into the world seeking holiday destinations. Find a laid-back location to escape the stress of everyday life or indulge in an adrenaline pumping adventure while visiting some of the most scenic places on the planet. Ensuring the safest and most fun-filled holiday often only entails familiarization with the particular country, culture and customs. You can get cheap holidays at Holidayhypermarket that will take you to all these fantastic destinations.


This Dutch metropolis is one of the most recommended destinations for women seeking a holiday alone or enjoying time spent with friends. The entire country currency is based on the Euro, English is widely spoken and the culture believes in the independence of women. Public transportation includes the tram system, but taxis are also available. Bicycles are probably the most common means of getting around the city. Museums and art galleries remain top attractions having thousands of years of history. The number of canals meandering through Amsterdam reminds one of Venice. Guests adore the number of cafes, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Costa Rica

Women on holiday here find down to earth and friendly people. The destination appeals to ladies of all financial means, as comfortable accommodations range from very inexpensive to outrageously luxurious. Rent a vehicle, use the public shuttle services or roam about on foot. Relax on picturesque beaches, learn windsurfing or indulge in a boating adventure to see dolphins, manatees and other marine life. Tour the luscious rainforest covered mountains while viewing the unique wildlife that includes a variety of entertaining monkeys.


Many a girlie holiday evolves around this scenic country. The people readily accept female travellers and reserving B&B accommodations are not only budget friendly, but also provide an immediate link with local culture and other travellers. Pubs typically offer great meals along with local entertainment. Discover little known places of interest or where to find the best meals in town. The country has numerous holiday locations from scenic valleys to coastal highlands. Some of the most famous historic destinations include the Blarney and the Cahir castles.


Ladies travelling to this Asian country not only feel welcome and safe, but express amazement at how far their money goes. Even in the popular cities of Hanoi and Hoi An, everything from accommodations, meals and shopping opportunities do not require a fortune. Locals are more than willing to share their culture and history. The country has numerous interesting museums, pagodas and temples to visit, along with historic locations.