Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan and internationally recognisable cities in Europe and as the second largest city in Spain and the largest city and capital of Catalonia, it is also one of the most diverse. Each year, millions flock to the city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to enjoy this beautiful city and here are some of the reasons to join them.


Visit Barcelona

Visit Barcelona

As I previously mentioned, Barcelona is one of the most diverse cities in Europe because it is a city of almost dual nationality because although in Spain, it is also the capital of Catalonia and this is a matter of great pride for the locals. It also means that Catalan is the official language of the city so all of the signs are in Catalan first and then Spanish. These different cultures have helped shape the city today as you will find a lot of architecture in the city from different cultural backgrounds and generations making Barcelona one of the most attractive cities to explore as well as a incredible place to learn the history of, with a number of great museums in the city dedicated to showcasing the best of the Catalan culture.


Barcelona is one of the most incredibly beautiful cities that I have seen. It has some of the most extrordinary buildings in Europe such as the old Cathedral in the Gothic quarter to the magnificent Sagrat Cor at the top of the Tibidabo mountain overlooking the town and of course the most famous of all the buildings in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familía. The influence of Antonio Gaudí is very keenly felt in Barcelona with many of the extraordinary buildings bearing his name such as the Casa Batló and Casa Milá on the Passieg De Gracia and his famous attempt at a English style park with Parc Güell. Barcelona is a truly magnificent city to enjoy and it is sure to take your breath away.

FC Barcelona

The worlds best Football team is currently FC Barcelona and they are undoubtly another attraction in the city. The team is a huge part of the city and their regional indentification as Catalans. This adds extra rivalry between them and their greatest rival, Real Madrid. The stadium, the Camp Nou is the largest in Europe holding over 98,000 spectators and a game here or a tour here is a great experience even if you are not a lover of the beautiful game.

The Sea and climate

When on a city break, one of the things that is sometimes hard to do is relax and unwind. Barcelona however is different because as the city is on the shores of the Mediterranean, it means that the climate is mild in the winter and warm in the summer and it also means that the city is flanked by some great beaches meaning that a holiday in Barcelona means that it is possible to combine the benefits of a beach and a city break.


Barcelona is one of the best places to visit for any art lover. It is a city that encompasses many different forms of art from the Picasso musuem to the numerous Gaudí exhibitions thorugh to the numerous exhibitions of street art around the city. There are a number of museums in Barcelona for the art lover such as the MNAC, the Picasso Musuem, the CCCB and La Pedrera. If you are a fan of street art then walking along the streets of the Gothic or Raval barrios at night when the shop shutters come down show the high number of street artists that have decorated the city.

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The reasons to come to Barcelona are vast and it is hard to write them all down. After I visited Barcelona, I loved it so much that I have stayed here ever since. The city may not have as big a impact on you but it is a fantastic city to visit and a break here will certainly not leave you bored or without things to do as this is a city that has so many things to do that you will always leave wishing you had just one more day here!!