Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is an iconic landmark in Cape Town, South Africa. The mountain offers a wealth of natural beauty from afar, as well as up close – where you get to see the diverse fauna and flora of the region. We’ve done our research to bring you some of the most interesting facts about this iconic mountain.

1)     Table Mountain is a sandstone plateau that was formed 400 million years ago. It is 3km wide and 1085m high. The mountain is home to the richest and smallest floral kingdom, with about 1470 species of flora – many of which can only be found in this region.

2)     Table Mountain is home to many species of fauna, such as the Eland, Genet, Rock Hyrax, Cape Clawless Otter, and the Striped Polecat. There are also troops of Baboons on the mountain.

3)     According to the philosophy of Chinese Feng Shui, Cape Town is the only city in the world with the most auspicious Chi/Qi – due to the way Robben Island is situated to slow the ocean energy (which represents wealth), along with the protection of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak, which form a chair shape. It also has two major ley-lines running through it.

4)     There are a number of ways to reach the top of Table Mountain. You can hike, bike, drive, or catch the cable car; even rock-climbing will get you there in due course. The spectacular view of the multi-coloured city spread out below is a perfect opportunity to take a picture, documenting your triumph of reaching the top.

5)     The cable car was officially opened in 1929, and has carried many prominent people in its time including Queen Elizabeth II, Micheal Buble, Jackie Chan, Paul Oakenfold, Brooke Shields, Sting and Oprah Winfrey. It was upgraded in 1997 to include 360° rotating cars.

6)     Table Mountain often gets a “table cloth” of clouds thrown over it – where, due to condensation taking place, a thick mist forms. It’s absolutely stunning to behold, but poses a grave danger to hikers as it can descend without warning, especially on clear days. This is why no local would ever consider a trek up without a jacket, flashlight, some pad kos (food for the road) and water, because despite living here you just never know.

7)     Geoffrey Hodson, a well known theosophical author, believed that many spirits call Table Mountain their home. He, along with his friend Ethelwynne Quail who provided the images, wrote and published a detailed book about this in 1952 entitled “Kingdom of the Gods”.

8)     The constellation Mensa means table. As a result, as claimed on the official 7Wonders website, Table Mountain is the only natural formation to have a star sign named after it.

Table Mountain is a truly unique location in and of itself, and it is just one of the major attractions that make the City of Cape Town the special place that it is. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Cape Town, South Africa, to see the beautiful city that lies between the mountain and the sea.

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