Emergency Travel Bag

Emergency Travel Bag

Modern travelers are not unlike traditional boyscouts, in the sense they should always be prepared for everything. Whether because you came across a special promotion you want to take advantage of, or because you’re standing too close to the mental edge and need a quick escapade to unwind from your work related duties: there are times when you will be prompted to travel on a short notice.

In that case, you may want to do the same as seasoned travelers, and keep a bag packed around your house, which you can easily grab hold of anytime and leave, without need to waste time with preparations (asides from booking a hotel room). This article will remind you of all the things you should keep in your emergency travel bag, in order to never have to berate yourself for having forgotten about something important before leaving.

Spare Changes of Clothing

To begin with, you should pack a couple changes of clothing into your bag. For the sake of efficiency, you should limit this to smaller garments, such as underwear, socks and t-shirts… even during the winter (you can pack your warm clothing separately). Ideally, your travel clothes should be comfortable and lightweight; you should fold and pack them as compactly as possible, as to fit as many changes as possible without taking more than half the room in your emergency travel bag.

Hygiene Kit

If you haven’t already, you should get a small pouch that holds all of your personal hygiene accessories: toothbrush, dental floss, deodorant, shampoo/shower gels, and anything else you foresee will be useful. Make sure to get the smallest bottles and packages you can find, for the sake of minimizing the volume of your personal hygiene kit. Additionally, it’s always a good idea packing in some band-aids and first aid supplies, just in case.

Electronics chargers

As to never have to hunt down for stray cables while preparing to leave, you should keep a spare set of all the chargers, usb cables, and assorted electronic accessories. All of these should be neatly folded to take as little room as possible, and they should be kept in a smaller pouch so that you can easily retrieve them and put them back in place.

Travel Diary

There’s something about traveling, with spending countless hours moving around, waiting for the next ride, and sitting around at hotels that seems to invariably unleash the inner creator. In these times, you’ll often feel like jotting down some thoughts or doodling some pictures, and all too often will you will have forgotten to pack such things. The solution is simple: just get a travel diary and make sure it’s a permanent part of your emergency travel bag, throw in some pens and pencils for good measure, and you’ll always be ready to create during your excursions.

Navigation Kit

A compass and a few detailed maps of your country don’t take too much room, and they will invariably be useful sometime during your travels. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to use them (although you should absolutely learn how to read a map and use a compass); being prepared works best and these pieces of equipment are invariably useful for explorers.

Fire Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be checking in a fancy resort or camping out in the wilderness; a fire kit will likely be useful sooner or later. And since the required items don’t take any room at all, you should just make a point of including this item as permanent part of your emergency travel bag.

Documents pouch

One of the most common sources of pre-travel stress is hunting around for the necessary documents just before leaving. This can be usually avoided if you just pack all your travel documents in a pouch and keep it store inside your emergency travel bag. Make sure to include a photocopy of the documents you usually carry around your wallet, just to be on the safe side.


These devices can be immensely useful while traveling, since they often include such features as GPS and internet connectivity. You probably don’t want to get an extra smartphone to keep inside your travel bag, but you can just leave room at the top of the bag to slip in this last component. All the other elements in this list should always be kept inside the bag – otherwise it defeats the purpose of being ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Set aside a couple of hours today to prepare your emergency travel bag, and never again will you have to worry about making sure you’ve packed everything you need, next time you’re out there exploring your country, or the world.

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