Unless you are Jewish or a religious Christian, chances are that you have not visited the Holy Land. And it is a great pity. Because the fact is that Israel often gets a bum rap in the press, where the press would have you believe that this tiny country is the cause of virtually all of the world’s woes. This is not the case though and for anyone ready to scratch a little below the surface and take the plunge, a family trip to Israel is an experience unlike any other.

A Family Trip to Israel
A Family Trip to IsraelHindrik S / People Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Israel is a tiny country, smaller than New Jersey but packing more of a punch than a Tony Soprano hit squad. And it is its small size which makes it so easy to traverse and enjoy. Similarly, you will be shocked by how many good and diverse things fit into this small package. So, either rent a car and go it alone, go on an organized tour, or do a bit of both and experience Israel in all its diversity.

For starters, don’t be deluded that Israel is a backward country with camels on the road – nothing could be further from the truth. Israel is a first world country and hi-tech powerhouse. Virtually every piece of technology you use today from your smartphone to your computer will have had some of its technology developed and/or produced in Israel. This has been reflected in its excellent economy which bore the brunt of the financial crisis of 2007/2008 admirably and its booming housing market with Israel luxury real estate being among the world’s best performers.

Whether you elect to base yourselves in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and take day trips to places of interest, or perhaps start your trip in the coastal resort of Eilat in the south and work your way to the Galilee in the north, the choice is yours. Along the way you will find something of interest for every member of the family irrespective of age or sex.

One of the great things about traveling in such a small country is that it doesn’t take you long to get from one place to another. It shouldn’t take more than six hours to traverse the country from north to south and perhaps two hours at its widest point from east to west.

As well as the numerous points of interest, you will meet warm and friendly locals, most of who speak English, who will be more than happy to assist you and some of the best food you will encounter anywhere.