Visitors to Norway will immediately be blown away by the stunning natural beauty of the country. With spectacular mountain ranges, gorgeous, fairy-tale like fjords, majestic glaciers and peaceful, tranquil forests and woodland, Norway is a destination that gets a lot of foot-fall from those who enjoy spending time around beautiful nature. Just outside Oslo in an area known as Dølerud, artists successfully brought together the stunning natural setting and modern technology through the use of light installation on hiking trails.


Walking Through the Woods

For anyone who has visited Norway, picturing the country means visualizing lush, green forests and woodlands. Along with forests, you might also imagine lakes, rivers, mountains, meadows, and almost anything that has to do with nature. Throughout Scandinavia, fantastical creatures have been rumored to live in nature throughout the centuries, with tales of fairies, trolls, gnomes and elves being the staple of Norwegian children’s bedtime stories.

Walking through the woods is something that Norwegians have been doing for hundreds of years, and anybody who has done it will agree that it’s something that everybody should have on their bucket list. In Dølerud, a team of electronic designers decided to see how far they could extend the experience of spending time in the forest after dark by using lights, setting up an entire light installation through the forest in one day ready for nightfall.

Darkness Can Be Fun

The project was not only a fun way of extending the experience of spending time around nature which Norwegians value so highly, it was also a part of a campaign by Norwegian chocolatier Freia. The hiking trail light installation was part of an advertising campaign for Freia’s new product Kvikk Lunsj Mørk, a dark chocolate alternative to their classic, signature chocolate bar the Kvikk Lunsj, which has been a favorite amongst hikers in Norway since 1937. And, with dark chocolate having more health benefits than its milk and white counterparts, the artists definitely made a success of getting the message that darkness, like dark chocolate, can also be fun and exciting.

Nature Loving Norway

Although you may not be able to visit the lit hiking trail now, nature lovers should definitely take any opportunity that they get to visit this stunning country. Although Norway can be a very expensive country to visit and you may find yourself spending more than expected if you decide to shop, there are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of the country on a low budget. Norwegians tend to be people who love nature and are dedicated to protecting the natural beauty of their country and environment. The Allemansretten is a Norweigan open-air act passed in 1957, which states that everybody in Norway has a rite of passage through any countryside which is unfenced and open. With a longstanding tradition of hiking and exploring in Norway, this act allows everybody to move freely through the beautiful land.

Thanks to Freia, the stunning forest just outside Oslo was turned into a spectacular lit hiking trail, highlighting how art can significantly enhance the amazing natural beauty of Norway.