Barcelona, for many reasons, is the heart of Spain. Among one of its oldest cities, there is plenty to quench the thirst of the ever-curious traveller. Whether you plan all activities beforehand or explore at your own leisure you are certainly in for a treat.

Barcelona's lights

Barcelona’s lights

The city offers a source of entertainment and interest to all. For the history buffs there is centuries of old architecture, art, sculptures and stories that one can revel in, Gaudi’s signature can be found throughout and enjoyed by all. For the football enthusiast, the Camp Nou home ground for Barcelona F.C. simply cannot be missed. The music lover can simply drown himself in the variety of tunes and melodies that are produced in this city, both in formal and informal forums – from the most modern of bars and clubs to traditional Flamenco themed venues. The city is littered with scenic parks and it is an absolute thrill to simply walk around and absorb the place.

The warm Mediterranean Sea is only too inviting. One can spend many hours soaking in the rays and enjoying the lapping waves. The art lover has a variety of museums to choose from – be it Picasso, modern art or traditional Catalan, Renaissance and Gothic art. For those who find themselves akin to midnight owls, this city offers you the chance to have a really good nightlife, with its numerous clubs and discos.

As one would expect from Spain’s most cosmopolitan city there are numerous options in terms of accommodation for all budgets. One of the best accommodation options for budget travellers are apartments in Barcelona; with clean and cheap rooms and all modern amenities in place, they’re perfect to rest your exhausted head after a long day…and night. Most of them are conveniently located within the city centre and even for those in surrounding neighbourhoods public transport makes it easy to get around.

With Barcelona apartments covered, the next question is where to eat. A true traveller will not want to miss out on sampling dishes from the stalls and cafes of Las Ramblas. Instead of focusing on having a full meal, the frugal traveller would do well to eat at one of the Tapas bars, thereby sampling several delicacies on a budget. There are numerous ways to get around this scenic city. One can travel by tram, the underground trains, and buses or just walk around. Personally I prefer to travel on foot as you have the chance to uncover some of the hidden gems.

You may get the impression that such a trip will cost a fortune but with just a little bit of planning it can be quite easy to see and do just as much as the wealthier traveller and have an amazing amount of fun. The Catalan capital is a fascinating and entertaining city and if you go with an open mind and embrace all it has to offer you are sure to have a memorable time.

photo by: pasotraspaso