Beautiful Bali

Beautiful Bali

Bali is the westernmost island in Indonesia located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Besides the island’s magnificent volcanic mountains and lush tropical vegetation, the people of Bali are really what stand out as one of its most beautiful aspects.  The Balinese people are an amalgamation of a number of different backgrounds and cultures.  The Chinese coming from the North, the Indian and the Arabs from the West and other groups coming directly to Bali, or by way of Java, all make up the distinct culture and demeanor of the Balinese people.

The Balinese take pride in their appearance, their land, and their culture. Balinese Hinduism is not merely a religion; it is a way of life. Often you will see partial road closures around Bali due to religious ceremonies. Another important aspect of their culture is kindness. Smile at them, and they will smile back. Their attentiveness in the service industry is unmatched. Their politeness and courtesy is evident, and it is widely known that Bali’s most precious asset is her people. Kindness goes a long way to the Balinese.

Living amongst this harmony, in some parts of Bali such as Kuta, is a large presence of Western influence. Co-existing with Balinese temples are glitzy shopping malls and designer retail stores. This is especially the case in major surfing and beach hot-spot, Kuta.

However, if you make your way inland, a more pleasant atmosphere exists that is seemingly more true to Balinese Culture. Ubud is a popular getaway towards the central part of the island. It is characterized by rice paddies and temples. This small village is known for its collection of local artists, yogis, and visitors interested in seeing the famous ‘Monkey Forest’. For a yoga experience that is truly indicative of the culture, visit the ‘Yoga Barn’. This yoga studio is tucked away from the main streets and allows you to fall into deep relaxation while looking over the surrounding rice paddies.

Other main characteristic of the island are its volcanoes and lush vegetation. Mount Agung is an active volcano and is the highest point on the island. When hiking in the West Bali National Park you can see over 300 different kinds of bird species, black macaque, wild pigs, iguanas, and many more animals.

The beaches of Bali vary from the white sand beaches of the Bukit Peninsula, Snaur, Nusa Lembongan, and black sand beaches (due to volcanic activity) on the northeast coast of the island. Kuta Beach is a famous tourist attraction due to its surf schools, its steady flow of vendors, and exciting nightlife scene.

For a tranquil vacation filled with spirit and kindness, Bali should not be overlooked. Its rich culture and salt of the earth people will have your drawn to the area and make it hard for you to leave.

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