Honeymoon is the exciting phase in which newly married couples is treated to in order to unload all the pressures and hassles of planning a wedding. It is also a great time for them to start building wonderful memories together. Those who have been together for long are in for a second, third, fourth honeymoon, etc. This is their time to have a break from all the pressures of life together and just be “couples”.

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Whether it is your first or your fifth, it is very important that you choose a honeymoon destination that will give you that special moment alone – in a home away from home. We give you a rundown of top five honeymoon spots around the world. Read on.

Mystique Resort Santorini

There are a handful of beautiful places in Greece, which you could choose as your honeymoon spot. However, this can never nearly be replaced as the most romantic among all of them. This stylish resort nestled in whitewashed stone homes and scenic cliffs that adorn the Santorini Island is truly one for the books. Aside from taking flight with the fantastic view, there are also fabulous activities you can share with your better half. For one, you could have a relaxing massage in your own private suit or terrace, whichever you prefer.

Bora Bora

Hawaii is often regarded as the number one honeymoon spot. Well, not anymore because Bora Bora, a wonderful place in Tahiti, is up for the challenge of stealing the rank. With its calm aura and sun kissed powdered beaches, there’s no other way to go but be romantic. Romance is all over the place from the sights to the serenity to the available adventures. Surely, you will keep holding on, holding and kissing, and cuddling for the duration of the trip.

Las Vegas

The Sin City is not just perfect for those who want rounds at casinos; it is also one of the cheapest flights you can find to have a fun honeymoon. The city lights shine at night, keeping the whole place in the spotlight, sparkling so bright. By day, you can go and visit some local attractions. By night, you can just allow yourself to bloom along with the city. If being in a secluded island does not suit your fancy, then, this will probably do. The crowds, the sparkling lights may not leave you alone together but they spell romantic passion to the nines.

Jack’s Camp

If you love the outdoors, flora and fauna, this is a great choice of a destination, located in Botswana. Jack’s Camp gives you the amazing opportunity of seclusion while providing you access to luxury and exclusive adventure for two. It’s a different feeling when you are out in the wild yet premier accommodation remains to be within reach.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

You are in for some outdoor adventure in this wonderful place at the heart of Banff national Park, just about two hours away from Calgary in Canada. There are just so many things that you can do and memories you can share together. You can go horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking, or all, whichever suits your spirit!