Hot Air Balloon Spots In Australia

Hot Air Balloon Spots In Australia

Australia is very famous for its popular tourist destinations. It offers a scintillating experience to the tourists. It is also home to several rare wildlife and marine species in this world. Tour operators across the globe consider Australia to be one of the best travel destinations owing to its stunning beauty of the Nature and the availability of economical tour packages that are stuffed with wild and adventurous games. Hot air ballooning is one of the most sought adventure rides in Australia. There are several places where you can find good number of flying schools and they will help you to camp at skies at affordable packages.

Melbourne: It is one of the few major cities that can be traversed by hot air balloons and there can be no other way to have a beautiful picture of the country than this. The balloons will drift away in the early morning light and will give a bird’s eye view of this world’s most liveable city. The iconic sporting stadiums, venues, museums, and the suburbs of Melbourne will grab your attention.

Brisbane: Enjoying a hot air balloon ride in the wee hours is a unique thing in life. The ride can be a thrilling one especially if you are a first timer. The high skies will be a stone’s throw away from your seat. The ride will calm down your mind and offer a relaxing atmosphere. Brisbane is home to several rivers that run across its length and breadth. Hot air balloon ride in Brisbane will give an unparallel view of the city.

Queensland: This is one of the most suitable places in Australia to experience the magic and thrill offered by hot air balloon rides. You will get a nice chance to be involved in the preparation of pre-flight activities such as inflating the balloon, checking the wind speed, weather conditions etc. There are several flying schools offering affordable and economical hot air balloon ride packages. You can start floating effortlessly and majestically collecting fresh memories about the past.

Victoria: The cruising altitude and drifting wind speed might take you by surprise when you experience the hot air balloon rides in Victoria. The balloon will easily be carried away with the chill breeze and you can have a magnificent view of the picturesque city. A relaxing ambience is provided in the hot air balloon rides. You will also get a chance to see many of the places in Melbourne City as both stay closer in terms of proximity.

Northern Territory: The most affordable hot air balloon rides and packages can be found in this part of the country. The flights are usually for about 30 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening hours. Most of the flight schools will pick you up from the place of accommodation to the balloon launch site.

The visitors will have a very good chance to take back some of the magical moments of life by enjoying the hot air balloon rides in Australia.

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