Consider yourself warned – summer in Israel is hot, humid, and relentless. From June through September the weather is almost relentless in its ferocity. And although the temperature and humidity does vary slightly from north to south and east to west, with Jerusalem and its environs not experiencing the same humidity or sultry nights as most of the rest of the country, summer in Israel is hot but in more ways than one.

What have the Romans ever done for us?
Summer in IsraelTheeErin / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Most of the east coast of Israel is graced by the presence of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. With vast expanses of powdery sand and crystal clear waters, anywhere along the coast is the best place to spend your summer. But not all places were created equal.

The fact is that you could do worse than pitching your tent in Tel Aviv and lazing away the days on any one of the trendy beaches there that flow into each other like the waves lapping at the shore. Every beach is within touching distance of a café on the beach where cold beer, watermelon, and other refreshments are in abundant supply. Heck, you don’t even need to leave your towel or beach lounge to be served by the ever-present seller of “artikim” – ice treats on a stick.

You could very easily spend your days on the beach, a shower and rest back in your hotel suite, and then a night on the town at any of the enormous selection of pubs, coffee houses, restaurants, or clubs. The fact is that Tel Aviv is pumping 24/7.

If you want a destination that is perhaps a little more demure yet perhaps a tad classier than Tel Aviv, a short trip north from Tel Aviv is Herzliya Pituach. Herzliya Pituach has arguably some of the best beaches in Israel. It is an exclusive address and this fact is confirmed by the price of real estate in Herzliya Pituach, where the most exclusive properties sell for the tens of millions of dollars. Herzliya Pituach is the residence to embassies, ambassadors, and wealthy locals as well as foreigners who often buy a second home in Israel.

The beaches in Herzliya Pituach are magnificent; the ambience is less frenetic than Tel Aviv and exudes a class that is possibly lacking in Tel Aviv. Herzliya Pituach is also overflowing with fantastic restaurants and pubs which during the day cater to the strong hi-tech presence in the city and are a magnet to the young and beautiful in the evening.

Summer in Israel is a treat for the senses. Come and see for yourself!