The importance of choosing a marine trailer should not be underestimated. Owning a high quality trailer suited to your specific needs will make transporting your boat effortless, saving your time for the water rather than loading and unloading. Spending time researching before you buy, and ensuring you buy a premium quality trailer in the first instance will save you a lot of money in repair costs. It can also prevent the theft of your expensive vehicle if you purchase a trailer with high quality lock fittings.

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Choosing a boat trailerOrin Zebest / / CC BY

Here is a guide of the things to consider before buying a boat trailer:


Not all trailers are created equal, and quality can vary wildly. While you don’t want to buy a trailer that costs more than your boat, a cheap product made of poor materials will only rust and need replacing. You want one that will last as long as your boat, so pick a realistic and reasonable budget before shopping.


The most important consideration for buying trailer that fits correctly is the type and weight of your boat. Remember to account for the load of your boat when calculating its weight. The weight of the boat, its load, plus the weight of the trailer is called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, and is important to note before transporting. Never exceed a trailer’s weight capacity.


Opt for galvanised steel or aluminium to prevent rusting. Trailers for small boats and inflatables can be made of more lightweight materials, but for larger vessels, RIBs and tenders, choose something sturdy like the Coaster from Indespension.

Marina Regulations

Your local marina may have rules and regulations regarding parking and storage, so research this before purchasing your trailer

Bunks or Rollers

Generally speaking, a bunk system is better for deep water loading and unloading and heavier boats, while a roller trailer is best for shallow water and lighter boats.

For more information about boat trailers and the best kind for your vehicle, I recommend speaking to a professional. Indespension not only sell a wide range of top quality marine trailers, but also have stores nationwide to provide unbiased and professional advice.