If, like most people, you have tightly tied your purse strings for most expenditure, then you are probably well aware of ways in which you can trim the costs attached to a holiday abroad. However, not everyone is well tuned in to the many pitfalls and trade secrets which can save you cash that might be better used as spending money.

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Here are a few typical areas where you can look to cut costs ahead of any planned trip:

Travel Agents – Usually travel agents tend to offer the best deals because they have agreements in place with airlines and hotels, but this isn’t always the case. The ease in which information is accessible on the internet makes it possible to organise your own flights, accommodation and transfers. If you are planning a short city break you may even find that you can package up your own low budget holiday for less than a travel agent can offer. It’s good practice to check the prices both ways and go with the cheapest.

Travel Insurance – These days travel insurance is very easy obtain, but before you go out and purchase it you may even already be covered. Check that you didn’t already pay for 12 month cover the last time you took out insurance; chances are you are still covered. Do you have an upgraded bank account? Many banks provide travel insurance as part of their overall service.

Online Offers – There are so many competitive discount sites on the internet today that offer really cheap last minute deals. Whether it’s a deal-of-the-day based site or a cash back vendor, you will find plenty of online services looking to give you remarkable deals primarily on short breaks.

Baggage Fees – While not all airlines have a price hike for luggage weighing over the allowance per passenger it doesn’t hurt to check this out before you head to the airport. On your specific airline’s website there will be details about the maximum your luggage can weigh, so check it on scales before you arrive to avoid any annoying excess charges.

These are just a few of the more obvious things to consider when you are looking to minimise the cost of travel, but you will find various online and android magazines that focus on travel provide more comprehensive ways to save. Perhaps you already have a few things you already practice that help cheapen holidays, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to add more ideas to what you know currently.