It doesn’t matter where you are in life, whether you’re young or just young at heart, it’s never too late to learn a new talent.

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With so many courses available all over Europe and beyond, you can have a go at a new sport easily, by including a course on your next holiday itinerary.

1. Sail

With plenty of sailing courses available, it’s easy for beginners to find their inner sea dog. Stay and Sail holidays give you the perfect opportunity to learn to sail. By spending one week on dry land in a hotel, learning the theory behind sailing, followed by a week on the open seas perfecting your new found aptitude, you could master sailing at the same time as having a relaxing holiday. Alternatively, you could learn to sail in one week or harness your skills further by learning how to manoeuvre a yacht.

2. Windsurf

By finding a resort that caters for beginners, you’re already half way there. Absolute newbies venture onto the water in the lightest of winds and develop upon their newly found skills in subsequent sessions. By the end of the week, you could collect a certificate to prove your progress. If you want to expand on your acquired knowledge, you can by enrolling on National Windsurfing Schemes that run often. The islands of Lemnos and Lesvos in Greece, as well as the light winds in Sivota are perfect for those finding their feet.

3. Ski

You’re never too old to don a pair of skis, even if it is just to experience the nursery slopes and no further. You can find cheap European ski holidays easily online; enrol in a ski school – the first step in mastering the snow plough and having the time of your life at the specialist ski resorts.

4. Scuba Dive

Learn to dive in the beautifully turquoise oceans. Explore reefs and shipwrecks whilst swimming amongst the marine life. Diving courses operate all over the world, but Teos in Turkey and Sivota in Greece come highly recommended.

Whatever skill you choose to refine, book your holiday now to avoid disappointment.