Dusseldorf is one of Germany’s powering cities that venture in the modern times. The city is considered to be one of the best sites for fashion and fairs that are strikingly seen on the up market residences. Dusseldorf offers a fusion of modern styles with a blend of its cultural heritage.

Düsseldorf, Königsallee
DusseldorfMikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

                  Dusseldorf is also famous for its fine art academy that is available through its theatre and museums. The vibrant appeal of the city is a perfect gateway for travelers wanting an upbeat style of living. The city can be accessed through its international airport, and it is best done via a jet charter that offers a relaxing and hassle free travel.


Dusseldorf is one place to go to for fashion particularly in Europe. The city boasts many designer trends and fashion from all over the world. The shopping district of Konigsalle offers a wide array of high end products lining in a rodeo drive style. The high end designers present in the Konigsalle are Prada, Gucci, Armani, Boss, Hugo, Polo, and many more.

The city does not only cater to high end shopping but also buying many items found in the malls and shops along the district of Shadowstrasse. The art related stuffs can be seen and purchased along Carlstadt area. The joy of shopping for fashion and others in the city is an extravagant way of being happy.


The festive atmospheres in Dusseldorf are widely found in its fairs, carnivals, and many more. The Karneval in the city brings dancing and music events that attract other nationalities. It brings vibrant appeal on the people with a joyous approach. The Christmas market provides a glimpse to the holiday season. The markets of Christmas and Nikolaus offer different varieties of goodies that express the Christmas spirit.

The Japan day being celebrated in the city is a celebration of the Japanese congregation. It offers a unique blend from the Far East with animation, music, and anything Japanese. In the Altstadt portion of Dusseldorf is considered the longest bar in Europe that offers a relaxing taste of beer along with the local favorite Altbier. The fairs are amazing to witness during the time of celebration.

Modern Landmark

The modern outlook of Dusseldorf brings forth the city’s intuitive design to its modern buildings. The Rhine Tower is an observation area with a 360 view from its restaurant. The tower gives a panoramic view of the elegant Dusseldorf. The Media Harbor gives a view towards the Rhine which encompasses modern ambiance to an old district. The area gives a modern view of its structures that is neat to the eye like the Gehry building that has a unique style.

The so called pillar saint in which a local individual is put up on a pedestal is a fascinating sight to watch. Dusseldorf has a variety of ways to impress and mesmerize visitors to its truly wonderful city.

Old Town

The Old Town district of Dusseldorf encapsulates historic and modern art, architecture, and culture. It is a preserved neighborhood recognized by UNESCO world heritage. In Dusseldorf the old town is restored to its original state that gives a unique look in design. The Castle Tower of the former palace is one notable feature of the old town. Its design is cherished by people who adore beauty and deeds.

The Burgplatz square offers an enchanting view of the old town’s neighborhood that overlooks the Rhine River. The scene that arises in the Burgplatz brings forth a wonderful feeling of ecstasy. The cart wheelers fountain gives a sense of nostalgia.