After a long flight half across the globe, what you would really like to ease your travel woes is a destination that helps you relax and let the memories of the journey fade as fast as possible. Sri Lanka is one of the destinations that offer more than just relaxation; the golden beaches, crashing waves; misty mountains mighty elephants, stealthy leopards, giant whales, lovely tea and warm smiles welcome you to this mesmerizing island.



With such remarkable attractions bottled up in such a small lush island, it gives an opportunity to travelers to explore different regions within a limited timeframe. It is one of the benefits of travelling to Sri Lanka, whether time limited or not, it is a country that is will not disappoint even after suffering the effects of jetlag.

Some of the exciting highlights of Sri Lanka include the ancient city of Kandy famous for its tea plantations and temples, the capital city of Colombo and its glistening beaches.


Australia may be on the other side of the world but it offers fantastic natural and manmade attractions that is unrivalled by any other destination on the planet.  Some people only wish to explore the land of the kangaroo but actually never get to do it because of the long flights one has to endure.

Though very distant, Australia more than gives you a reason to smile even after a long flight. It offers exciting sandy beaches, vibrant cities, rich marine life, the pink Lake Hillier, the sacred Uluru sandstone, national parks teeming with wildlife and wineries. It is a country with breathtaking land formations such as the stunning amphitheatre of mountains in South Australia and the spectacular sites along the Great Ocean Road.

From the hip Sidney to the unspoilt nature in the outback and the aborigine culture, Australia offers an array of places to visit and things to do that are exclusive to only this part of the world. Hire a campervan in Brisbane and set off into the sunset with a plethora of places to explore. No matter which direction you choose in Australia, rewarding sites await your discovery.


The Sultanate of Oman is a tiny country in the Middle East that many have probably never heard of and probably wonder if it is worth a long haul flight. It is a gorgeous country with rugged mountains, arid deserts, spectacular walled cities, enticing beaches and surprisingly peaceful amidst the entire Middle East chaotic scene.

Aside from its stark natural beauty, the Oman people are kind and friendly to visitors. They offer hospitality amidst the entire wilderness with warm smiles and spicy cuisine. The dress code is absolutely stylish and traditional; for men, women and children, the traditional garb is both vibrant and comfortable.
Muscat city is the emerald jewel amongst the harsh environs of Oman; it is full of breathtaking architecture such as the His Majesty’s Sultanate Qaboos Grand Mosque, which is the second largest in the world and boasts of the largest ornate chandelier in the world.

Oman is an exotic holiday destination with a lot to offer, one visit is barely a scratch on the surface of the tons of attractions that it offers.