Spain is famous for its unique cultural traditions and customs all over the world, whilst it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The stunning landscapes of the Costa del Sol in Malaga have attracted tourists since the start of the Roman Empire, whilst its advertising schemes in the late 18th century resulted in people assembling to enjoy its alluring beaches and gloriously warm climate. Here are four typical Spanish customs that have seen the country gain immense popularity over the years.


Whilst being the most controversial of all Spanish customs, bullfighting remains one of the most recognised all over the world. It continues to attract and deter tourists with its unique approach to public entertainment. Bullfighting has attracted tourists in the past who are keen to witness the atmosphere, the concept and the drama for themselves. Being a traditional sport, bullfighting provides a fascinating insight into Spanish culture in general. Its popularity has gradually decreased over the years as many have associated it with animal cruelty.

Spanish Bullfighting Customs
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Many people are confused by the concept of tapas. In truth, it is actually a word that describes a way of eating rather than actually being a dish in itself, something that tends to leave tourists puzzled. Tapas can be any kind of dish, though it is usually served in small portions. If someone in Spain asks you to go out for tapas, they are not referring to a single restaurant. They actually plan on moving from one restaurant to another, trying the tapas on offer at each stop.

Spanish Tapas Customs
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Flamenco is another Spanish custom that continues to confuse the majority who refer to it as a dance. Flamenco is in fact a style of music that revolves around acoustic guitar rhythm and vocals. On occasion flamenco will incorporate dancing, although this usually takes the shape of a substantial performance in front of people. The difference is that flamenco can be played anywhere by anybody, though the dancing requires a traditional Spanish dress associated with the style of music.

Spanish Flamenco Customs
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Soccer, or football as it is known in Spain, is a sport that is growing increasingly popular all the time. It remains the most iconic sport in the world and the Spanish league is one of the most followed leagues in Europe. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid remain two of the most decorated football clubs in world football, having both won a number of European cups and league titles in their history. Other parts of Spain including Malaga, Seville and Valencia have produced successful teams that also compete on the European stage. The beautiful game is treated as a religion by many in Spain, making it a particularly significant custom.

Spanish  Football Customs
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