Taking a trip around the world is a dream for many people, but most of them never realize that dream. If you asked them why, they would most likely tell you it is because they cannot afford it, but many people have successfully made the trek without spending a whole lot of money. Many of those turned the trip into a long-term effort.

Saving for the Trip

Trip Around The World

Trip Around The World

You have to be willing to give some things up to get to your dream. Take control of your spending to set aside money for the journey. Determine the absolute necessities in your life and avoid spending money on the rest. Pay off all of your debts and start saving money. You do not need to save enough for the entire trip; you can pick up jobs along the way to earn money for the next leg of the trip.

However, do keep extra cash for emergencies in an account back home. If something requires it, you can do a money transfer and you will soon have it at your disposal. You can also carry a credit card to pull cash from ATMs and make purchases. Just know in advance that not all cities of the world have machines that can process cards with a magnetic strip and you may need to have one with a microchip in it if you can get it.

Managing Money on the Journey

Budgeting while traveling abroad is as important as budgeting at home. Again, if your trip is a long one, you need to avoid spending money on things you do not absolutely have to have. You do not want to end up short on money when you need food or a place to stay, which could result in you requesting a money transfer. Many travelers find locations that allow them to work for food and lodging. The work may be short- or long-term. The latter provides the opportunity to learn more about the local.

You can also learn to eat off the land and camp out. Doing so near a town enables you to learn more about the town and the culture without spending money to stay there. A combination of this and paying or working for food and lodging makes for a well-rounded experience and allows the trip to last longer due to the money saved.

Mode of Transportation

The least expensive way to travel is on foot or by bicycle. This is a great way to see more of the land. If you are in a hurry, or need to cover a longer distance, you can pay for transportation. Airplanes, buses, rental cars and trains can be used in combination to see more of the world in less time.

When doing an extended trip such as this, keep in mind that it is more than just a vacation. There is a lot of work in taking a trip around the world in this fashion. With what you earn along the way and what you have saved to do a money transfer, you should be able to cover any financial needs you have.