Dreaming about a lazy afternoon on the shores of a crystal-clear lake? Do you want to venture out for a day of boating where you reel in a trophy fish that you can brag about for years? Are you that person who enjoys the tranquility and beauty of an overnight fishing experience? The next time you want to experience some true outdoor excitement you should plan a trip that includes fishing in New Zealand.

Fishing Boats
Fishing in New Zealand Abaconda / Foter / CC BY-SA

This country is home to an abundance of fishing sites. With the ocean, lakes, ponds and winding rivers from which to choose you can find a new place to cast your line each time you pack up your fishing gear.

Choose your adventure and test your fishing skills in the New Zealand landscape. Pack your sleeping bags and camp out in Nelson Lakes National Park. This is one of the premier destinations for anyone who dreams about fishing in New Zealand. The awe-inspiring scenery may even make you forget about your rods and reels for a few hours.

If you do not want to carry your camping gear along on the trip then you can always reserve overnight accommodations. However, you should remember that most of the available accommodations feature limited amenities, and you will not be able to sleep underneath a starry canopy if you are staying inside a man-made shelter.

Those who have already been fishing in New Zealand would recommend sites such as Taupo, Lake Rotoros, Southland and Saint Arnaud. These places offer excellent fishing and there are campsites readily available.

Trout fishing reigns supreme in many areas of NZ and Lake Taupo is one of the best sites to land these fish. While this lake may be one of the favorites there are many other fishing spots to check out.

If you enjoy fly fishing then there are dozens of streams where you are welcome to test your skills, as well as your luck. If you are visiting Lake Rotoros you should definitely make a stop along the Ohar Channel or swing by Ngongotaha Stream.

The majority of the catches result in fish that weigh 3-5 pounds, but there are some trophy-worthy fish swimming in these crystal waters. Many people do not realize that New Zealand fishermen frequently land large trout that weigh in at more than 8 pounds.

Dahawai and spottie are just some of the species being landed out near Coromandel. Sport fishermen that want to hook a really large fish often travel to Coromandel or Lake Tekapo. It is also suggested that novices test their luck at the Bay of Plenty. You do need to be on a boat when you fish these New Zealand waters. Once you are out in deeper water the fish will be taking the bait, but do not expect to have such amazing success if you remain close to shore.

Australian salmon can be hooked by those fishing in Pohara Harbours. This is a beautiful waterway only a short distance from New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park. If you want to be sure that salmon is going to be on your dinner menu you can always travel to Lake Tekapo and make a stop at the Mount Cook Salmon Farm.

These are just a few of the NZ fishing sites that have become very popular over the years. Now, all you need to do is to pack your bags and get ready for an adventure you will never forget.