Australia, the home of the very idea of a year abroad and rightly so! The very sight of the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters really makes you wonder what the British government was thinking using it as a prison during the 1800s – the things you have to do for a holiday, I suppose. Nowadays, however, the country/continent is a fantastic hub of culture, commerce and some of the most fantastic weather that planet Earth has to offer!

Aus Flag
Australia EzykronHD / / CC BY-SA

Studying in Australia (studera i australien) is without doubt one of the best ways to spend your year away from the norm – so what can you do?

Work Opportunities:

Arguably the best way to see the real Australia is to undertake a series of work placements in the many different cities across the vast country. You can do pretty much anything that takes your fancy and there are hundreds of organisations willing to help you find the right work placement programme to suit your career goals, salary requirements or even just interest! As a tourist hotspot, one of the most popular and well recommended work placement programmes involves training in the hotel management practices followed in the many multinational players offering accommodation down under. As a foreign language speaker, you will really get the chance to boost your spoken and written English on a daily basis through communication with staff, guests and suppliers, all with the added bonus of working right where the tourists are paying to stay! Never too far from that beach!


If you don’t feel that you are quite ready to enter the world of work or would just prefer to spend your time out of full time education picking up a few new skills, then there are literally thousands of opportunities when it comes to studying in Australia. Universities and colleges in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and along the Gold Coast are just waiting to snap up talented international students looking to study abroad. This is also one of the best ways to meet local students and get a real taste of the day to day life in the country, mostly by way of the nightlife but hey, who’s complaining? Whether you want to take a vocational course in hotel management or would prefer to research Australian and English literature, there is a course and institution for you!

When it comes to Australia, you can never know enough! Depending on where you are from, you may well need to have a few injections before you head out on your adventure, change your money and other little things. Being prepared is key! At the same time, now is the time to go with the flow, so sit back, relax and enjoy!