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Finance A Trip Around The World

by Hank Wilson - on Aug 24th 2013 - No Comments
Trip Around The World

Taking a trip around the world is a dream for many people, but most of them never realize that dream. If you asked them why, they would most likely tell you it is because they cannot afford it, but many people have successfully made the trek without spending a whole lot of money. Many of those turned the trip into a long-term effort. Saving for the Trip Trip...

How To Feel At Home When Travelling The World

by Hank Wilson - on Jan 23rd 2012 - No Comments
Travelling The World

Travelling The World So you have saved up for the last three years, you have had all of your stuff put in storage or sold it off, you have packed a very small backpack with all of your essentials, got on a plane and finally arrived half way around the world to start your travelling odyssey… You sit down on what will be your bed for maybe just one night...