What is the difference between a boutique hotel and the usual typical hotel?

Boutique hotels are typically small in size, stylishly themed design, situated in urban locations and provide a more welcoming service to all guests, the latter being the most unique selling point of all.

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How to recognize a boutique inn from a traditional guesthouse

Wanchai hotels separates itself from all the other conventional hotels by being unique. Aside from that, it can also exude more of its best features through its design, location, amenities and services. You won’t be disappointed with the stylish interior and the location either.

Size matters

A boutique lodging is generally small in stature, but it’s also the scope of the area that helps define the ambiance, and the extent of service that one can provide. So you can expect for such an establishment to only house no more than 25 to 150 rooms. But despite the numbers, you will surely be accommodated in a space that is both roomy and refined.

A design-led space makes all the difference

Some dedicated inns in Hong Kong even offer themed guestrooms, while most just provide modish to stylish spaces. But on a general note, boutique accommodations are those that display very distinct themes — themes that are usually focused on specific elements. But on top of that, boutique inns are also provided with some of the latest devices (may include Plasma TV sets, Wi-Fi and Broadband access, Wii consoles).

Boutique hotel location

Location can also be a defining feature for boutique lodgings. It’s usually amidst Hong Kong’s popular spots (near trendy shopping centers, and other dining and entertainment choices). There will always be a nearby transit to go and explore.

A personalized service that is worthy of praise

There’s a reason why boutique guesthouses are small in size. They’re built that way so that they will be able to offer a more personalized service. Hotel staff members are the backbone of the business. So each one is trained to provide the kind of assistance that goes without a glitch. Furthermore, boutique inn guests are treated like VIPs; and are made to relax in a place, which they can certainly call their ‘home away from home’.

An ideal boutique accommodation in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

If you love being pampered and being showered with gifts, then you should definitely stay at V Wan Chai because the hotel offers several complimentary products and services (from free tea, coffee, juices, snacks and evening cocktails to free access to Wi-Fi and local calls). The hotel also boasts of rooms that have cable-installed Plasma TVs, DVD/CD Players, and HQ audio systems. Every room opens up to a fully equipped kitchen, separate bath and walk-in shower.

The V Hotel also provides a 24-hour Concierge and Security service, along with daily housekeeping. They also offer an airport limousine pick-up (for a hassle-free transport), as well as access to their free DVD Library, business center and self-service laundry facilities.