Hotel reputation can become a determining factor in its rating. There are various rating organizations that evaluate hotels according to certain criteria. For example, Forbes rating includes 500 items for evaluation. Client services and the maintenance of the hotel are also important. It’s important to note that travel websites’ rating doesn’t always match the hotel’s actual ratings – users create an alternative rating for any hotel in the world based on their personal experiences, but that may well be different from the actual industry rating.

How to Choose a 5 Star Hotel

How to Choose a 5 Star Hotel

Luxury hotels or five star hotels should satisfy certain criteria to be classified as such. These hotels provide the best facilities and client relation experience for the VIP guests and celebrities. People who pay more money for accommodation have higher expectations for the provided comfort and services. These hotels normally provide the highest standards for pampering and relaxation. Luxury hotels should create an oasis of royal treatment for special guests.

Am I really dealing with a 5-star hotel?

If you want to be certain about the hotels rating, you need to go to the hotel’s website. It would provide you with the hotel’s rating and the name of organization that inspected it. If a hotel was rated by the Canadian Automotive Association (CAA), Forbes or Leading Hotels of the World, you should be rest assured it has a reliable reputation. These organizations send inspectors to evaluate the hotel’s performance and their client services.

What’s the difference between a luxury and a 5-star hotel?

You need to keep in mind that hotel rating is a very arbitrary measurement. Various rating organizations could have disagreements on the status of different hotels. At the same time, hotels like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton enjoy the 5-star reputation; they don’t need to get an official rating to enjoy their luxury status. Even a 4-star hotel can be called luxury, that’s why you always need to double-check the official rating.

Travel websitescan help you establish the hotel’s rating based on the personal experience of other users.. From those who have  spent time at the hotels, you can get a general idea about the place.

Actual criteria for a 5-star hotel

Staff should be extremely qualified, professional, polite, and helpful. People at the hotel would normally greet the guest with a welcome gift, follow you to your room and show you around. Your bags will be delivered to your room upon arrival. You can contact the reception at any point during the day or night and be certain that staff will perform their tasks in a very professional manner. You can always enjoy a selection of fresh newspapers.
It is obvious that everything should seem welcoming, inviting, clean and simply outstanding. High quality linens, well maintained swimming pool and a premium bar are among the benefits of a 5-star hotel. Valet and car parking services of the hotel will take care of your car.
People who wish to exercise in the morning can enjoy the gym and fitness facilities of the hotel. Each country will offer unique experiences that vary from other parts of the world.  One hotel’s 3 star rating may be considered a 5 star rating in another location so reviews will vary.

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