Travelling The World

Travelling The World

So you have saved up for the last three years, you have had all of your stuff put in storage or sold it off, you have packed a very small backpack with all of your essentials, got on a plane and finally arrived half way around the world to start your travelling odyssey…

You sit down on what will be your bed for maybe just one night or perhaps the next 6 months, you relax let out a deep sigh and finally stop to think “wow, I am a long way from home”.

[box color=”red” icon=”thumb_down”]Ropey hotel rooms and poor quality food are just 2 things that’ll make you miss home[/box]

So what’s next? How do settle in to your new life? How do you make sure you get on and enjoy seeing the world without spending too much of your time feeling home sick? It’s not as easy as you might think, but spending a year or more wishing you were back at home with your mum isn’t any fun, so here are a few tips to help you settle in:

Take Something You Don’t Need

Most blogs about world travel will tell you to travel light, because the less luggage you have the more easily (and cheaply) you can travel. But you should accept that there are some things you need just for comfort.

Before you set off, try to think of a few small things which make you feel at home. Make sure you take photos and whatever else helps to remind you of home – whether it is a teddy bear, your favourite pillow or who knows what else.

Get Skype / Internet Access

For a relatively small amount per month you can get mobile internet access to be used anywhere in the world. Before you leave make sure you have a way to get online and get a Skype account. This will enable you to make very cheap phone calls back home and trust me; being able to give your mum, boyfriend or sister a call from your hotel room, tent or wherever you are will really help.

If you are travelling alone, you can virtually guarantee that the first thing you will want to do when you arrive in your hotel room on the first night is call your loved ones back home – trust me.

Get Your Necessities From Home

One of the hardest things, for many people about living far away from home is living without the things you take for granted back home. It might just be the small things like a particular brand of sweets or your favourite sandwich filler. Whatever it is, when you can’t get it you will probably miss it.

There are plenty of mail forwarding services in your home country which will receive mail on your behalf and forward it to you in bulk to your hotel, which will allow you to buy all of your essentials from companies back at home which should hopefully save you from faffing around with currency exchange and excessive international shipping costs etc…

[box color=”green” icon=”thumb_up”]It’s views like this though that will make you remember why you wanted to travel in the first place!
(Athirapally Falls, Kerala, India)[/box]

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