Paying for lunchMany people on tight budgets set off on their vacations and feel like they have to skip attractions, landmarks and restaurants because they don’t have the money to splurge on those items. However, by missing out on what makes a new destination great you can’t full experience the vacation. In order to spend less on your upcoming vacation but still enjoy all the great attractions, entertainment and cuisine in the area, begin collecting coupons to use on your vacation. Here are some ways to use coupons and save money no matter where you plan to visit on vacation.

Restaurant Coupons: One of the biggest expenses while on vacation is the meals eaten out. Without a proper kitchen, you can easily eat out for 3 meals each day, costing you plenty of money. Before leaving for vacation, look up the city you plan to visit online and print out as many coupons for deals on restaurants and bars as you can. You might find buy one get one free dinner deals or even free meal upgrades. If you like to visit bars, check out deals for free covers during musical performances or even one free drink during happy hour.

City Attractions: Although some city attractions like monuments and statues are free, many others like aquariums, museums and the like can be very expensive. Research whether or not the city you plan to visit has a visitor pass card. These cards usually cost a few dollars upfront, but offer steep discounts to city attractions. Decide if you will visit enough attractions to make the initial expense worth it. This is especially helpful for families traveling together, as you can save a significant amount on 3, 4 or more entries over the course of the vacation.

Tourism Offices and Rest Stops: If you are driving to your vacation destinations, be sure to pull over at any rest stops in the state and inquire about coupons. Most rest stops have stands full of brochures for local attractions, many of which have coupons attached. They might be for reduced entry, free appetizers at local restaurants and more. The same goes for tourism offices in the city. Ask any staff working there if they can help direct you to some great tourism discounts, and most will be happy to give you some helpful suggestions.

Krystal Internation Vacation Club (KIVC) CancunFood and Drinks: If you plan to stay in a vacation rental to save money, or even if you are staying in a hotel with a small mini-fridge, you can save money by eating and preparing some basic meals at home instead of eating them in restaurants. Before you leave for vacation, look up your destination online and find coupons for the nearest grocery stores for items like bottled water, sodas or instant oatmeal. These items are quick and useful when on a vacation.

With these helpful suggestions, anyone can save money while on vacation. Coupons can net you savings on city attractions, historical landmarks, local restaurants and nearby area grocery stores.