More than anything else, a holiday is supposed to be a chance to relax, see new places and do new things. Sometimes, though, organisational hassles and unwelcome surprises can make it hard to enjoy yourself. But things are different when you are visiting friends. You have someone to not only show you around and give helpful advice but to help out with practical things that make your stay more enjoyable. You can enjoy the same peace of mind during your visit to Krakow thanks to our professional guide service. How much does it cost and how do you arrange it? All the answers are right here!

Information, inspiration and help

The place to start planning any trip to Krakow is It has information about everything and everywhere that should be on your list of things to do and places to go. The main role of the site is to arrange guiding services but it also a one-stop shop for not only information about the sites in Krakow but also advice and help regarding organising your stay.


“Guide Krakow” wants it to be a full-service site for arranging everything for your trip to our city. When you arrange a guide to help you discover the city, you also get a helping hand for practical matters associated with organising your stay. Thanks to our cooperation with hotels, hostels and restaurants in Krakow, we can help you reserve accommodation and make meal reservations on preferential terms in accordance with your needs and budget. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find a few different price categories but always of good quality. Whether you’re looking for something for a school group or planning a luxurious weekend away, you’ll find there what you’re looking. And don’t forget that we can also help with the small extras like tickets for performances, arranging parking or anything else.


Also, bear in mind that we are happy to make changes in the tours described on the site in order to accommodate any plans or special requests of your own that you might have. We’ll find a way to make everything fit into your plan!

Krakow sightseeing – All kinds of ways to see Krakow!

So what about guiding services in Krakow? We assure the highest levels of quality while offering our services at very competitive rates. Our guides are always complimented on their knowledge, friendliness and passion for what they do. We use only licensed, certified guides who have completed a program to ensure that they are qualified to give the best possible experience to visitors. We can arrange such guides to lead tours in any number of languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Italian and Spanish.


And don’t assume that have a guide with you always means walking around. You can also arrange to move around the city in a horse-drawn carriage, by bike, on a Segway, by electric cart and even on a party bus! Different kinds of trips call for different kinds of activities! We also organise trips for individual visitors, families, small groups and the largest of groups (we have special offers for pilgrimage groups and school trips).

Krakow-Guide has created an entirely new standard of Krakow sightseeing in the tourism market. Now everyone, no matter what your needs or budget, can arrange an amazing trip to an amazing city!