The hospitality management and culinary arts programs at schools such as Kendall culinary arts college can get you moving in the right direction. From running a first class restaurant to a five-star hotel, you only have your own limitations standing in the way of what you’d like to achieve.

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Culinary Arts Alexandre Chang 

Many culinary programs feature teaching kitchens, learning laboratories, wireless classrooms and onsite restaurants to sample delightful cuisine. The school also provides a Dining Series on Monday night entailing a five-course menu entirely prepared and served in the college dining rooms by students. With the educational options, you can specialize in many fields that are in demand around the world.

The Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts provide all the basics for beginners as well as all of the management skills at advanced levels for those who are already working in the culinary field. Culinary Arts programs are comprised of many components. Here are a few main ones that people should consider before deciding on this career path:

  • Academic: Prepares students for critical thinking, customer service, decision making, cultural awareness and communication skills
  • Kitchen supervision and management: Emphasizes menu planning, cost control, purchasing, supervision and human resource training
  • Culinary concentration or simply hands-on food preparation: Stresses hands-on food preparation, as well as techniques in baking, classical and contemporary cuisine

These programs are meant for you if:

  • You like to cook, bake, learn about nutrition or even host parties.
  • You enjoy learning and traveling more in relation to the world around you.
  • You want to enter a specialty that offers you a variety of diverse working conditions and environments.
  • You enjoy a fast paced and ever changing industry where being on the cutting edge and respecting tradition are equally valued.

A career in the current high stakes culinary arts, hospitality, and culinary science settings requires more than just expertise. As leading providers of higher education in the area show, the status of leading culinary arts colleges stems from the knowledge of the 21st century place of work as a multidisciplinary setting that demands professionals with outstanding leadership skills.

The interdisciplinary programs in Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, and even Food Science in culinary arts colleges combine the relationship of the expansive facilities with a learning community of major universities. Programs are also focused on leadership and meant to fulfill the requirements of an industry where practical experience, technological expertise and business savvy are as important as the chosen specialization.

In fact, from the time you enroll in a culinary arts colleges’ undergraduate or advanced level program, your study course takes you steps closer to your dream career goals. Students not only benefit from invaluable on-site training, many times opportunities to embark on experiential dynamic study abroad programs in historically rich locations are available. Imagine augmenting your studies with the opportunity to travel. This experience can lead to greater opportunities abroad once you obtain a degree, given your experience while attending school.

Allow your passion for the culinary arts to position yourself for exceptional opportunities in the hospitality management industry going forward. While a love for the industry is the first step, the next is attending the best programs that will help you achieve your dreams.