Everyone has that once in a lifetime holiday trip that they have planned for years. It may be a particular place or even just a conversation with someone else who has been travelling that made your imagination start running away with itself but whatever the cause was there are some simply stunning locations in the world that provide the basis for a fantastic travelling holiday.

Given the ability to travel to any countries in the World and stay in any destinations the Arabian Gulf would be the ideal must visit destination. With Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan, Oman and Ras Al Khaimah at your feet there is so much to see and do.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque at dusk

Sheikh Zayed Mosque at dusk, Abu Dhabimodenadude

First stop would have to be Abu Dhabi for the 2012 F1 Ethihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix taking place here at twilight between 2 – 4 November 2012 and hosting the Australian V8 Supercars for the first time as the support race. This really is a once in a lifetime event and is something that would be amazing viewed at twilight too.

With 249 miles of coastline to be explored complete with remote islands and powdery-white sands Abu Dhabi would be the ideal place for some rest and relaxation before the start of a big trip around the Arabian Gulf. With beautiful gardens and parks just waiting to be explored it is so easy to see why this area of the World has been nicknamed the ‘Garden City of the Gulf’. Sand-skiing offers an interesting experience here as well as souk shopping to pick up some souvenirs from your trip.

The ultimate luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi would be the Emirates Palace. Being the only hotel in Abu Dhabi to offer a butler service just gives it that extra edge for me and with 349 rooms and suites you would be spoilt for choice. With the opulent rooms offering gold leaf and marble surroundings complete with all the modern technology you could ever need this is the ideal hotel stay for those looking for luxury. With boat trips tennis, a private beach and even an on site boutique available you are spoilt for choice here when it comes to spending your days relaxing and this really is the ultimate luxury Abu Dhabi hotel.

After stopping in Abu Dhabi the next leg should involve a visit to Dubai. The most well known country in the Arabian Gulf is home to opulence and wealth never recreated throughout the rest of the World. Dubai is rapidly becoming one of the Worlds most longed for holiday destinations, despite being home to strict rules regarding religion, public appearances and relationships. You can be sure of a peaceful holiday here without seeing cavorting couples or raucous drunk people and perhaps this is the bulk of the appeal as holidaymakers know that they can enjoy a delightful holiday without the potential for problems that can arise in other tourists destinations.

Dubai is a land where ancient and modern really do meet and interchange with one another. This works incredibly well and sees some of the most stunning architecturally sound buildings that the World has to offer. With the crystal clear blue waters of the Gulf on offer here Dubai presents a fantastic opportunity for scuba diving and snorkelling but if you are looking for something a little different then consider taking part in camel or horseracing, sand-skiing, falconry, a four wheel drive desert safari or watch a game of international rugby. If you are feeling incredibly adventurous then learn how to sky-dive with some of the most beautiful surroundings that the World has to offer around you.

With constant sunshine and amazing World class hotels Dubai is the ideal holiday destination, whether you want to travel and explore or just rest and relax by the pool. The hotels here have stunning architecture including the Arabian Court, One&Only Royal Mirage and the Ritz-Carlton with its intimate feel despite having over 150 rooms available to guests.

With so much to see and do in the Arabian Gulf you could spend several months visiting and never run out of things to see and do. There are a wealth of stunning hotels on offer as well as amazing leisure and relaxation activities. Be sure to read up on local customs and laws before travelling to avoid any potential for problems and be sure to respect their beliefs and enjoy some of the amazing culture on offer.

[box color=”white” icon=”accept”]Bio – this article was written by Carley who is a freelance travel writer for Elegant Resorts and writes about luxury holidays.[/box]