Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Asia has exotic and no doubt spectacular destinations which are perfect for a romantic getaway for the Valentine’s Day. Here are five wonderful places for the passionate couple.

Bali in Indonesia is a famous honeymoon destination. Rent a colorful sailing boat and prepare a hearty breakfast for you to share with your special someone after taking a glimpse of the stunning sunrise as you sail along.  You can also share a great view of the sunset and the starry night sky on the beach. You can also have a quiet picnic in the Buahan village surrounded by the groves and astounding views of the array of mountains. To top your celebration, reserve an aphrodisiac chocolate indulgence spa that will intensify your senses.

Jeju Islands in South Korea have tranquil beaches such as the Jungmun Beach where lovers can take pleasure in its refreshing view while having their quality time together. It also has splendid waterfalls and serrated cliffs which will suite nature lover pairs. The adventurous couples can have an enthusiastic hike either in Soengsan Ilchubong to gaze at a breathtaking sunrise or in Hallasan which is the highest peak in South Korea. After a tiring day, set out to Hanwha Therapy Resort to get a dose of one of a kind relaxation. Let the gushing water massage you as you float in the pool while the music is playing and the lights are out. Afterwards, lay down in an oxygen room filled with hay and open your eyes to a tropical rain shower. Do not forget to check out Love Land, an adult theme park which is dedicated for sex. Nude statues are found all over the place. Some of them portraying humans in different sexual positions. The purpose of the park is to disseminate sex education.

Have an unusual hotel experience in the Tree House Hotel in India.  You can travel for thirty minutes from Vythiri, Kerala to arrive at the four double rooms located in two tree houses. Surrounded by the coffee, tea, and pepper plants being grow, the tree houses are suspended a hundred feet in the air. It is equipped with running water and other prerequisites for everyday routine. Hanging bridges serve as the path for clients to travel to and from their rooms to the rest of the private forest. Walking trails take guests to the variety of adventures along the Indian jungle.

Kerala in South India, also known as “God’s own Country”, offers an exotic beauty found in its rural atmosphere. Take a boat ride in its backwaters to have an overwhelming glimpse of its solid vegetation to calm both of your tension from the busyness of your usual days. Stay in a houseboat to grasp the romantic mood. Have an ayurvedic massage, a specialty of Kerala which will loosen up every tense muscle in the body using natural herbs and oils.

Malaysia’s relaxed climate with its coastal gleam and vivid landscape makes it one of best places to be with your loved one. The shoreline mangroves and the oak forests at the mountaintop will surely appeal to lovers. Visit the rain forest and explore the tropical water with the best scuba diving spots. Have a taste of the delectable cuisines whether traditional or modern recipes or even the combination of both to give a zesty twist. You can also try the night market to have a bargain with your shopping spree.

Enjoy an unforgettable, romantic Valentine’s Day in Asia with your partner.

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