The beaches, outdoor adventure sports and Great Barrier Reef are just a handful of the many motivations that draw people to Queensland, Australia every year. There is of course the one other pastime that is played by millions of eager husbands and abhorred by almost all of these men’s wives:  golf. Some of the world’s most renowned golf courses are scattered across Queensland, making it a premiere destination for golf enthusiasts. Here are just a few of Queensland’s best courses, some tips to plan your next trip and a few other attractions to enjoy between matches.

The Glades Golf Course - Robina Qld

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Queensland’s Best Courses

Brookwater Golf Club – Located in a western suburb of Brisbane, the Brookwater Golf Club has been named one of Australia’s best courses six times in a row. Tucked amongst the bushland, the Brookwater’s terrain and greens is very unique. You’ll notice quickly that the golfers lucky enough to play on this course mean business and partly because the green fees are a little expensive. If you’re on a budget, steer clear of the Brookwater Golf Club during the busy weekends and instead play 18 holes on Monday-Wednesday.

Gainsborough Greens If you’re thrilled by the prospect of encountering wildlife while you play a few holes, visit the Gainsborough Greens. Situated a few minutes outside of Brisbane, the Gainsborough Greens features everything you’d expect from a world class golf course, including 18 holes, immaculately kept greens and access to a golf pro. There is one aspect of this course that sets it apart from all others in the area, the presence of dozens of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Hamilton Island Golf Club – Designed by champion golfer Peter Thompson, the Hamilton Island Golf Club possess the distinction of being Australia’s lone championship-caliber island golf course. The course was purposefully designed to flow with nature and features holes that seamlessly meld with the landscape. The club also features a restaurant, pro shop, driving range and private lessons.

Planning a Queensland Golf Holiday

You’ve scrimped, saved and are finally able to plan a Queensland golf holiday, but aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few tips and suggestions to ensure your golf holiday meets all your expectations:

  • Research the premiere golf courses. Before booking your airfare, it’s important to determine which courses meet your needs, and budget. Be realistic and book tee time at one golf course per day.
  • Consider the area. You might have your heart set on playing at a particular course, but if it’s the lone entertainment in the area, you might be cheating yourself out of a truly memorable vacation experience.
  • Book early. As with every vacation, it’s crucial to book at least six months in advance. This includes reserving a tee time, especially during peak tourist seasons and if the course is offering a discount or special.
  • Choose your golfing partner wisely. If you’re vacationing with a fellow golf enthusiast, make sure that everyone’s personalities mesh. Nothing is worse for a laid back player to spend a week touring amazing golf courses with someone that’s overly competitive, or prone to trash talking.

Some of Queensland’s Other Attractions

This may seem hard to believe, but not everyone enjoys golf.  Keeping that fact in mind; here are a few of Queensland’s other top attractions to keep everyone else in your family occupied while you play a second or third round:

  • Great Barrier Reef – Stretching over 2,600 kilometers and featuring over 1,500 different varieties of fish, the Great Barrier Reef is a truly one of Mother Nature’s greatest wonders. Ships depart from areas scattered along Queensland’s coast, so ask around at the course for a reputable tour guide.
  • Wallaman Falls National Park – This World Heritage Area features Australia’s highest single-drop waterfall and an impressive amount of hiking and biking trails. Along with this, the park is home to a number of endangered species and animals your children have only seen on the Discovery channel.
  • UnderWater World – There are several indoor aquariums scattered along Australia’s Sunshine Coast, but none are more impressive than UnderWater World. The facility houses three separate habitats and proudly boasts one of Australia’s most well-known sea dwellers: whitetip reef and zebra sharks

You’ve sunk your last putt and now it’s time to depart from your Queensland golf holiday. On your way back home, consider stopping in Queenstown, New Zealand, which also features some of the most impressive courses in the southern hemisphere.

[box color=”white” icon=”accept”]Patrick Morgan is a guest blogger from America and is currently planning his next golf vacation to Queenstown, then Melbourne and Queensland. [/box]