Australia is known worldwide as a rugged and frontier like land and Queensland’s far north is about as rugged and frontier like as it gets. Cape York is home to places still untouched by the feet of western man and features rivers, bays, forests and reefs that are among the most unspoiled in the entire world. The gateway to this region is the wonderful city of Cairns. Cairns is a large, bustling city itself, nestled into the tropical far north daintree region. Holidaying in Cairns provides you with so many options. Like a holiday island paradise such as Hawaii or Fiji it is home to a numerous amount of five and four star hotels and resorts so you can stay in luxury on your far north vacation. If you choose to do this you might choose to experience the underrated nightlife on offer in Cairns. The Spence Street entertainment precinct is home to a variety of trendy and fun nightspots including Cape York Hotel which is a place you can catch live music every night, Shenannigans; Cairns’s only bar with a beer garden, Little Aussie Bum; an Aussie style venue and the unique Mad Cow Tavern, a place you’ll find loads of backpackers every night having a raucous time.

Coral Outcrop Flynn Reef
The Great Barrier ReefToby Hudson

Of course the crown jewel of the region is the world heritage listed, modern wonder of the world The Great Barrier Reef. There are literally hundreds of charters operating out of Cairns that will take you on one or multi-day trips snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or just experiencing the marvelous system. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system and is home to some 1500 species of fish, 330 species of ascidian, 215 species of bird, 30 species of whale, porpoise and dolphin, 17 species of sea snake and 6 species of sea turtle. It is composed of over 2900 individual reefs, has over 900 islands and stretches for nearly 3000 kilometres along the Queensland coastline and, amazingly, is visible from outer space. A day on the reef is guaranteed to take your breath away no matter which way you choose to experience it.

Diving the Great Barrier Reef is something that everyone Australian or person who visits Australia should do at least once in their life. This vibrant, colourful and serene ecosystem has to be seen up close to be believed. To be able to witness an entire ecosystem in perfect operation up close is something that you simply must put on any bucket list. The fishing on the Great Barrier Reef is otherworldly. The extensive no fish zones has made the actual areas you are allowed to fish just outrageously good spots to wet a line. Spanish Mackerel and Giant Trevally are taken with regular monotony all along the northern part of the reef as well as much sought after table species such as the Coral Trout, Nannygai, Spangled Emperor, Barramundi and particularly large versions of the Mangrove Jack, that head out to sea once they reach maturity and become destructive forces of nature.

Cairns truly is the best of both worlds.

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