One of the great allures of cruise holidays is the chance to relax and unwind in an environment that has effectively been purpose-built at no little expense to allow you to do just that. Ships like the Thomson Spirit, on which there are some bargain deals available right now, offer the promise of sophistication and indulgence combined with every opportunity to be pampered and to have a party.

Thomson Spirit, Gruz, Port of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Thomson SpiritJohnBurke

Prices on holidays involving even the finest ships in the Thomson fleet aren’t nearly as high as you might imagine. So if you have been keen on the idea of taking a cruise vacation for a while but are worried about the potential costs involved then now could very well be the time to take the plunge. All inclusive packages are a great way to go, particularly if you plan to travel as a family this time around, but in general you are very unlikely indeed to be anything other than thrilled with how much holiday adventure you managed to secure for your investment.

Holidays that take in only a single destination or a particular region can be wonderful as well of course but there is nothing quite like waking up somewhere new and equally amazing every morning knowing you can eat like royalty and relax to heart’s content. One potential problem could be deciding precisely which part of the world you’d most like to take in on your next cruise but Thomson has you pretty well covered wherever you have in mind, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and most of the holiday hotspots in between.

If you are particularly keen to secure a significantly discounted package, as many of us are of course, then last minute cruise deals could the right option. You’ll need to be quick to snap up those deals and flexible in terms of when you set off and where you visit but there’s every chance you’ll pick up a bargain on what could still turn out to a unforgettable getaway.