Skiing and Snowboarding in Niseko

Skiing and Snowboarding in Niseko

Where are you thinking of having your vacation this year? Have you been dreaming about skiing on the snowy white slopes of Niseko in Japan? You can make such a dream come true this year. Now Japan has become the most favored destination for ski lovers; there are resorts where you can stay and have a fun-filled vacation. Niseko was actually a town, but now it has become so popular that it has become a major tourist resort that is ranked number two when it comes to skiing. Hanazono, Niseko Village, Hirafu, and Annupuri are the four major areas in Niseko that share a single pass and it is possible to ski through a vast stretch of 47 kilometers with groomed slopes. The slopes are groomed to accommodate three levels of players – the beginner, the intermediate and the expert. The biggest stretch is 5.6 kilometers and contains quarter pipes, half pipes, mogul trees and other natural hits all consistent with a ski slope.

There is another reason why Niseko is so popular. The powder is so consistent in Niseko, that it opens the possibilities for a perfect skiing expedition. No other place in the world allows for consistent snow all ski season. The fluffy white powdery snow will engulf you and thrill your spirit to the core. Be prepared for the coldest weather because sometimes the weather there can be bitingly cold. Make sure you pack your warmest jackets and gloves as well as helmets, facemasks, thick socks and other protective gear.

When you ski long stretches you will want to rest in between, especially for those still getting the hang of skiing. There are several restaurants where you can refresh yourself and they are all moderately priced. You can even have some mini-meals so you do not have to continue your expedition on an empty stomach. There are people who enjoy night skiing in Niseko. The whole area where you ski is illuminated so it is not possible to lose your way. If the whole idea of skiing at night sends a shiver of thrill up your spine; then the act is going to be even more exciting.

If you are not very good at skiing or if you want to brush up on your skiing lessons, then you can easily learn at a skiing institute in Niseko. You can book such lessons online, so everything will be ready for your course when you arrive. Top quality teaching and learning is possible because the instructors are all qualified and certified professionals. You can enroll yourself in any level that you want, master your skiing lessons and tune yourself to the twists and turns of the slopes.

It is time you enjoyed the spirit of thrill and adventure at Niseko in Japan. You can have a wonderful affordable stay, eat sumptuous meals, savor the sights, sip good champagne or any drink of your taste and head home. It is going to be the best vacation you have had in years.

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