Traveling by foot through the crowded streets of Paris, the sights and smells all blend into one sensory extravaganza. With every step and every sound, a new memory is waiting to be made. From the Arc de Triumph to the Cathedral at Notre Dame, you will want to navigate the streets, capture images to send to your friends, upload to Facebook in real-time, and translate what the people are saying around you. With most cellular services, each of these actions can cost the same as cab fare alone if you dare to use your cell phone to connect with the outside world. Having the internet at your disposal has become an indispensable part of traveling abroad to the modern American, and can become very costly the longer you talk, text or use a GPS if you carry your current service to the international level and activate one of their global plans.

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Luckily, there is a far more cost effective solution to the problem of spending incredible amounts of vacation money on roaming charges. With international SIM cards, compatible with nearly all major phone brands, you can enjoy greatly reduced rates in most countries in the world. In many cases, you can receive incoming phone calls and text messages for no additional charge, along with a flat monthly fee. With three types of SIM cards to choose from, and multiple text, voice and data plans to suit your needs, you will never pay exorbitant rates abroad again. Compare with any major wireless carrier and you will see how quickly you will make up your cost in savings, sometimes with just one phone call. There are major carriers with roaming voice rates as high as 1.29/minute on their global plans. As long as your phone is unlocked, you can use an international SIM card to achieve these lower rates. There are also international cell phones you can purchase in case your phone is not unlocked, and you will still see huge savings over major domestic brands. Let’s explore some of the options you can choose from to personalize your plan.

You can choose your SIM card from either Global, Europe or Country Specific, depending on the areas to which you will be traveling and the length of your stay. You receive an international phone number, often from the country you are visiting, eliminating the need to dial country codes, which makes local communications simple and inexpensive. There is even a call-forwarding option to make sure you don’t miss any important calls to your normal number while you are away. All of these benefits still apply even if you must purchase an international cell phone. By saving you 50-90% on your calls and data connections, that money is easily recouped, and you can use the phone over and over when you travel, because it is a one-time cost and very much worth the investment. This is also an ideal way to save your business and employees money while traveling. You can’t lose with a phone plan like this.

Author Bio: One of the best tips I share about travelling the globe is to invest in international cell phones. Then it is easy to get the global SIM cards for the area of the world you will be in.  As a woman travelling alone, Barbara Wright knows this helps keep her safe and saves money.