London has always been one of the coolest cities in the world. It’s got it all; world class restaurants, amazing shopping, cool architecture and history like nowhere else in the world. There is one reason why, however, London shines above all other cities. It’s the number of the best clubs in the world that are situated in the city itself. They are exclusive spaces that attract the cream of society. Frequented by royalty , the rich and the famous, these clubs attract the glitterati.

Best Clubs in London

London Clubs

London Clubs

Have a peek inside the most fabulous clubs in London and fantasise about making that guest list…





This is the haven of the well heeled star in London town. If you are an international music star or actress, then this club is the place for you.  Boujis is a well known haunt in London, attracting the most successful people in the entertainment industry, as well as the infamous stomping ground of the young royals. The unwritten rule here is all about discretion which explains why it is so popular with famous people. If your face fits  the image of the club – wealthy, successful and beautiful then you are in!


Shaka Zulu

If you are looking for an extravagant shot of Africa on your night out then Shaka Zulu might just turn out to be the place to be. The refurb bill in this magnificent restaurant and club came to a cool 5.5 million. And what a makeover! Its an explosion of Zulu statues , leopardskin and carved wooden murals adorn the walls. This is a feast for the eyes. It is a startling display and one which should be seen to be believed. The venue attracts an impressive collection of DJs and singers. The line up changes frequently and tickets go quickly. Nestled in Camden. Shaka Zulu pulls no punches. It is a great place to eat, the menu has African inspired dishes and is a great place to enjoy a meal. Shaka Zulu is not only a beautiful place to be, it is a unique music venue and restaurant.



Kensington Roof Gardens

There is a club that has a beautiful history and that unique vision has been kept in pristine check for so many years. High above the hustle and bustle of Kensington High Street lies a hidden sanctuary that will blow your mind. The Kensington Roof Gardens, owned by Sir Richard Branson, were originally planted in 1938. It is an amazing sight to behold. On a Summer’s evening, there’s nothing better than a wander through them with a glass of champagne in your hand and becoming friends with the resident flamingos.  Even though the gardens are fantastic, they become a different animal altogether when the club springs to life. The gardens become an extension of the club and the beats spill out into the flora. Its a fantastic club with a great restaurant attached. You can sit high above the busy London high street on a balcony enjoying the surreal yet beautiful experience of the Kensington Roof Gardens.



The Box

Of course not every club is a straightforward place where you go to have a cocktail and listen to cool tunes. The Box has certainly gone in a totally different direction and one that caters for specific tastes. The original blueprint hailed from New York. The club has an air of mystery, there are no photos of The Box and the mystique only enhances the experience. Erotic entertainment abounds within the box, it is a feast of titillation and sexual expression. The Box is definitely not for the feint of heart. However, if you have an open attitude and enjoy an adventure, then get on the guest list and prepare for an adventure like you’ve never had before.

teh box


Soho House

Soho House is a legend amongst media stars in London. It is housed in a beautiful  building, hiding in the depths of London’s Soho. There’s everything you could possibly need in Soho House. The restaurants, bars, cinema and party spaces are all elegant yet comfortable places to hang out. The roof terrace is good in all weathers due to the clever heating system. The roof even moves discreetly out of the way on sunny days, opening up a perfect social space. There is one major drawback with the fabulous Soho House as entry is available to those who are in the media industry only. But you never know, find yourself on the right guestlist and you too could be rubbing shoulders with tv celebrities or rockstars.



London has some of the best and most varied clubs in the world. There’s a place for everyone, no matter what your taste. There’s plenty of clubs which are presided over by the world’s top DJ’s, there’s a whole host of clubs that have beautiful restaurants, the odd garden on a rooftop and the secretive world of the unseen. London has it all and if you can get in, you are guaranteed to have one of the most memorable occasions in your life.

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