Choosing and booking a honeymoon is one of the most important decisions a couple will make, and one that requires significant consideration and research. This is even more pertinent given the plethora of honeymoon vacations and packages that are available to the consumer, each that offer their own different features to meet specific needs and requirements.

It is important to have a clear vision of rather than a random gathering of honeymoon ideas, and then to match this vision with an appropriate and well planned budget. Being organized and armed with this information makes the task of assessing the huge range of honeymoon packages and selecting the most suitable one a far more manageable challenge.

All Inclusive Honeymoon Vacations

For the larger and more expansive budgets, all inclusive honeymoon vacations are a must. An all inclusive package will incorporate drinks and meals along with the accommodation, which eases the financial burden during the trip and negates the need to meticulously plan spending money and penny pinch once enjoying the vacation. There are all inclusive sites and resorts all over the world, and especially prominent in countries or regions that may have depressed or problematic surrounding areas.  A relevant example would be the Casa Marina Reef Resort in the Dominican Republic, where the in all inclusive facilities are not only cost effective to build and maintain, but also remove the need to leave the grounds and venture into more dangerous territories.

Romantic Vacations

For well serviced if not quite affluent budgets, romantic vacations can be the perfect choice for a honeymoon package. There are various cities that are synonymous with romance throughout the world, from Paris in France to the inspirational New York City, and these cities offer a range of reasonably priced honeymoon vacations that allow a couple to stay in comfort whilst sampling the cultural and culinary delights of the surrounding heritage and restaurants. The western European country of Italy is one of the most romantic across the globe, as it boasts cities such as Venice, Rome, Verona and Florence as renowned beacons of culture, architecture and most significantly romance. Couples now have the option of customizing and planning touring vacations of Italy that can encompass all these cities and delights, making for a completely unique and memorable honeymoon experience.

Inexpensive Honeymoon Vacations

Of course, the important aspect of a honeymoon is two people spending time together, and a tighter, more restrictive budget does not mean that a honeymoon vacation cannot be a wonderful and enriching experience. In fact, through the recent economic downturn, inexpensive honeymoon vacations have become a crucial faction of the travel market, with many companies offering basic and uncomplicated holidays to more luxurious destinations. Easy Cruise are an example of a company who have operated hundreds of budget cruises and vacation packages through the whole of Europe and the Caribbean, at a fraction of the cost of typical cruise packages without compromising on the quality of the tour or the basic comforts required for an enjoyable stay. Indeed many of these cruises and vacations include air-conditioned rooms, comfortable bedding and individual bathrooms, but save the customer money by including less in the basic package and offering further services for additional, optional costs.