For a small place, Israel sure does have plenty to offer and it is this limited supply of land coupled with a burgeoning demand for all things Israel that has resulted in Israel developing an amazing array of luxury locations scattered throughout the country.

Tel Aviv city center -
Luxury Spots in Tel Avivronsho © / / CC BY-NC-ND

Tel Aviv has some of the dearest luxury real estate in Israel. With great beaches and people who would only ever live in Tel Aviv for the ever present energy that seems to keep Tel Aviv pumping without respite, Tel Aviv has always been and always will be in demand. Central and northern Tel Aviv in particular is where the action and the aspiring wannabes congregate.

A little to the north of Tel Aviv is Herzliya Pituach. The beaches in Herzliya Pituach are first rate as are the residents. You need serious money to have a Herzliya Pituach address and that seems to attract the upper crust of both locals and foreigners. Walk the streets of Tel Aviv and smell the money. Kfar Shemaryahu borders Herzliya Pituach and is no less exclusive.

Keep on driving north and you start to approach the beachside suburbs of Arsuf, Beit Yannai and Michmoret. With amazing cliff top views of the superb beaches and residents who know how to enjoy the good life, these suburbs also attract the wealthy elite of the Israeli and international population. Property prices are in the stratosphere and are ample proof of the exclusivity of these locales.

If you want to rub shoulders with oligarchs and the prime minister, then continue driving up north to the city of Caesarea. Located between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea is the home of current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. However, of late it seems that the local language has changed from Hebrew to Russian.

Russian oligarchs are buying up Caesarea as though they were Caesar themselves. Stories of their attorneys and advisors arriving in the morning armed with their checkbooks and making offers too large to be refused are a testament to the luxury of the place. Here you have people with enough money to buy property anywhere in the world they want yet select Caesarea as their chosen destination. I guess the great Israeli weather and Caesarea’s excellent beaches and restaurants don’t hurt either. As perhaps the final imprimatur on Caesarea’s exclusivity, it is home to Israel’s only golf course.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to some of Israel’s luxury spots. And we haven’t even gone south of Tel Aviv yet…