Travelling can be an exciting or tiresome activity, depending on how the travellers manage themselves on the course of the trip. There are different means of transport in the world and each one of them comes with its own level of comfort. However, for the ultimate comfort when travelling, travellers should have the right travel apps installed in their mobile phone devices.

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Below is quick look at some of the best apps to beat boredom while travelling.

1. Hailo 

This app is crucial for travellers interested in car hire services. This easy-to-use app helps in finding the nearest black cab, the pickup time and its registration details. Besides, it also provides the driver’s mobile number for easier communication between the two parties to avoid unnecessary delays. The travellers are also allowed to include their credit card details or a tip for this service.

2. Urbanspoon

This app is specially designed for travellers who would love to have a meal at various destinations on the course of their trip. It helps them find the nearest bars, hotels, restaurants and even more. Also, it classifies these destinations by price, type and rating for better clarity. Urbanspoon app makes it easier for travellers to plan their trip in advance, including their budget.

3. Rough Guide Trip Lens

Most travellers normally love documenting their journey especially when visiting a new city or foreign country. This apps helps in documenting text, photos and maps, all integrated into one continuous narrative. Afterwards, the travellers can share these narratives with their friends, family or relatives on their personalised blogs.

4. Street View on Google Maps

With this app, the traveller can never get lost during the trip. Just as its name suggests, it displays the map of the local area for easier and better navigation This is very crucial especially when one feels lost due to various factors such as the presence of numerous skyscrapers in that particular city. This free app is usually common with Android users all over the world.

5. PetrolPrices Pro

The best thing about this app is that the travellers can never run out of petrol and if they do, they will know exactly where to refill their tanks. PetrolPrices Pro is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the cheapest petrol stations in town and enables the user to sort out the search results by the type of petrol needed for that particular vehicle. This app is the best choice for drivers who would wish to save money, especially during these hard economic times.

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