Let’s Find out What’s Really Going On

There’s been a flutter in online discussion forums recently claiming that the Grand Mayan Cancun luxury resort is a scam. But, wait a minute, isn’t this one of the most luxurious resorts in the Riviera Maya with an award-winning golf course on the property? How could such a highly acclaimed vacation spot be nothing but a scam?

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Grand Mayan Cancunarcher10 (Dennis) / Foter / CC BY-SA

Is it a Really a Scam or Just a Misunderstanding?

After investigating the claims of fraud and Grand Mayan scams made on these discussion forums, one must ask: was it really fraud that this long-established resort committed, or was it a simple inconvenience or delay during the time share presentations? By nature these presentations tend to be long and drawn-out. The staff tend to start the presentation with breakfast, and they are required to show the potential time share owners the entire property – which isn’t small – before explaining the numbers involved in owning a time share and how the process works. Time share presentations by nature tend to involve high-pressure and fast-paced sales tactics, but guests who choose to attend these presentations are always welcome to say no. Some vacationers find it worth while when considering the free gifts they receive, while many others would rather spend their day on the beach. As it seems, the allegations of time share presentation scams seemed to be coming primarily from first-time presentation goers who likely didn’t understand the process, and considered their hours spent in the office to be uncommon. More experienced vacationers, however, seemed to understand that avoiding attendance at a time share presentation simply requires a polite “No, gracias.” Another allegation that claims credit card fraud seems to be the only one of its kind, and is highly unlikely to be true at a world-class resort such as the Grand Mayan. If a credit card scam truly were happening, a resort as large as the Grand Mayan Cancun would be facing scrutiny from not just the government and law enforcement, but local, national and international press. The absence of government and press investigations into the Grand Mayan suggests that this allegation of credit card fraud is a mere rumor.

The Truth about The Grand Mayan

The Grand Mayan Cancun is a combination time share resort and short-stay hotel, and guests who attend the optional time share presentations are compensated with gift vouchers. This luxury resort offers three unique restaurants, a pool-side snack bar, a brunch buffet, and fine Italian cuisine that guests can enjoy while dining oceanside. Though the resort does not offer free Wi-Fi, it is available for purchase for those guests who need an Internet connection while on their getaway. If you’re planning a visit to the Riviera Maya and you’re concerned about the supposed Grand Mayan scam, you need not worry. This luxury resort offers eleven dining facilities, a serene spa and fitness center, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, and a variety of sports facilities such as a tennis court and bicycle tours. For travellers looking to stay in the lap of luxury, the Grand Mayan offers a five-star stay in one of Mexico’s most beautiful areas – and no guest is ever obligated to attend a sales meeting.