Fiji is famed all around the world for being an island paradise filled with sun, sea and sand. Comprised of more than 300 islands, the archipelago of Fiji attracts more than 500,000 visitors to its sunny shores each year, with more people choosing to enjoy holidays to Fiji with each passing year. This article will provide 5 reasons why Fiji makes for a once in a lifetime holiday.

1 – A near-perfect tropical climate

Fiji is fairly unique in that its weather is near-perfect all year round; temperatures are high, rainfall is low and the sun always shines bright in the sky.

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While the ambient temps are usually between 30-32 degrees Celsius, cool South-easterly winds continually blow into Fiji lowering the temperature to a very comfortable 25 degrees that is neither too hot nor too cold; it’s just right.

The warm ambient temps also grace Fiji with a warm water temperature of 25-28 degrees that is perfect for water based activities such as swimming, diving and snorkeling.

2 – Privacy

Of Fiji’s 300+ islands, more than half of them lie dormant with little to no human activity. Trips can be taken to these islands allowing for some private time on empty beaches.

A number of Fiji’s islands are classed as private islands. Most of these islands eschew the traditional hotel or villa accommodation; instead, these islands are filled with a traditional Fijian thatched roof bungalow known as a ‘bure’. Most of these private islands only allow limited numbers of guests to stay allowing for quiet getaways and quiet time spent enjoying sun kissed beaches that aren’t overly crowded or filled with people.

Fiji Marine Conservation

3 – Adventure Sport

Fiji is an ideal holiday destination for holidaymakers interested in diving, surfing, snorkeling and other adventure sports.

Fiji’s turquoise waters are incredibly clear and perfect for snorkeling and diving. The waters are also home to 1000s of different species of fish and a number of different colourful coral reefs including the ‘Great Astrolabe Reef’ which is the fourth biggest reef in the world.

PADI diving facilities that provide guided diving tours, diving lessons and diving equipment can be found on most of the Fijian islands and resorts.

The Fijian Mamanuca islands contain world class surfing with a number of professional surfers travelling there all year round to enjoy some waves. The region also contains a number of areas with gentle waves allowing for novice surfers to learn how to get grips with the sport.

A number of other activities are also on offer, including white water rafting, tropical golf, jet skiing, mountain biking, hiking and other adventure sports.

4 – Cuisine

Fijian cuisine is predominantly seafood based, with fishermen toiling the seas to snag fresh fish, lobsters and crabs to be served up for dinner every day.

Fijian cuisine is very tasty with liberal use of spices, lime juice and coconut juice being used for flavour. ‘Kokodo’, the national dish of Fiji is a must try delicacy; it is a seafood based salad mixed with onions and tomatoes with coconut milk used for marinating.

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5 – Culture

The Fijian islands are steeped with culture. Traditional Fijian rituals such as ‘kava ceremonies’ and ‘lovo feasts’ can be enjoyed, as can the exciting act of fire-walking.

The Fijian locals are also very friendly and warm. They are a happy and welcoming people who will go out of their way to make sure any and all visitors to their island paradise enjoy their stay.


Fiji is an island paradise that is an ideal for any holiday.

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