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Things to See and Do in Birmingham, UK

by Hank Wilson - on Nov 19th 2013 - No Comments
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery If you say the word “Birmingham” to people who have some knowledge of the UK, the first words that will come to mind will not be “holidays” or “tourism”, but rather “industry”  or “factories”. However, this view of Birmingham as the industrial heartland in the UK is wide of the mark. Birmingham today...

Discover Catalonia’s Most Spectacular Places

by Hank Wilson - on Sep 19th 2013 - No Comments

Catalonia is a wildly popular tourist destination that seems to have it all – a fun, funky and sophisticated cosmopolitan center in Barcelona, the spectacular beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, and enough medieval beauty to make you wonder why architecture styles ever changed. Read on for a few of the best things to discover in Catalonia. All...

The Best Village Marketplaces of Tanzania: African Crafts and Food

by Hank Wilson - on Jul 3rd 2013 - No Comments

Africa is the world’s poorest continent. With constant poverty and few chances for employment, visitors can still support craftsman who create items such as jewelry or prepare and sell local foods. Tanzania: African Craftsbartams / / CC BY-ND When you visit Tanzania, here are some suggestions of how you can help support...

Historical Places in Michigan You Might Not Have Thought Of

by Hank Wilson - on May 6th 2013 - No Comments

If you’re headed to Michigan, then you’ll want to check out some of the area’s historical sites for a spectacular experience. While there are countless sites to see, you might want to check out one or more of the following historical sites to discover a variety of spectacles and educational experiences. Sanilac Petroglyphs...

Celebrating Easter in Jerusalem

by Hank Wilson - on Feb 14th 2013 - No Comments

Ask any religious denomination other than Christians to name two Christian festivals and the answers will be Christmas and Easter. Such is the effect of these two festivals around the world. And to the billions of followers of Christianity, these two festivals have a very special significance. Celebrating them in Jerusalem adds an additional...

EVS Translations – Africa

by Hank Wilson - on Sep 9th 2012 - No Comments

Bound for Africa and not sure how to say “Hello” ? If you are reading this illuminating guest post by EVS Translations – a professional translations company – it means that you are interested in languages and travel, two topics that often go together, and EVS Translations can provide information and advice regarding...

Let Your Passion For Culinary Arts Take You Around The World

by Hank Wilson - on Aug 25th 2012 - No Comments

The hospitality management and culinary arts programs at schools such as Kendall culinary arts college can get you moving in the right direction. From running a first class restaurant to a five-star hotel, you only have your own limitations standing in the way of what you’d like to achieve. Culinary Arts Alexandre Chang  Many...

Top five facts about the Inca Trail

by Hank Wilson - on Aug 6th 2012 - No Comments

If you’re preparing for an Inca Trail tour, you’ll no doubt be excited by the prospect of visiting the famous Machu Picchu, seeing some other Inca ruins as you hike and enjoying the stunning Andean scenery. Machu Picchudachalan  There are, however, some lesser-known facts about the Inca Trail and the civilisation responsible...

Get a taste of Rajasthan’s varied attractions

by Hank Wilson - on Aug 6th 2012 - No Comments

If you’re organising a trip to Rajasthan, it’s well worth making sure your itinerary is as varied as possible. The state is a truly exciting one, and its attractions range from amazing animals and incredible landscapes to stunning palaces and historic temples, so try to cover a few different kinds of site while you’re...

Once in a lifetime Holidays

by Hank Wilson - on Jul 2nd 2012 - No Comments

Everyone has that once in a lifetime holiday trip that they have planned for years. It may be a particular place or even just a conversation with someone else who has been travelling that made your imagination start running away with itself but whatever the cause was there are some simply stunning locations in the world that provide the...

Kefalonia’s Myths and Traditions

by Hank Wilson - on Apr 21st 2012 - No Comments

Kefalonia I love to travel and when I started planning my holiday to Greece I was intrigued by the myths and traditions that surround the greek island of Kefalonia. The Ionian Islands are gorgeous and with Kefalonia being the largest in the group, I couldn’t wait to explore the ruins, castles and beautiful beaches. My favourite myth,...

Songs That Must Be in Your Playlist While Traveling

by Hank Wilson - on Feb 24th 2012 - No Comments
travel music

travel musicMusic is a part of our lifestyle and your travel is definitely not completely without the right soundtrack plugged in your ears whether while you are on the plane, the car driving or even just taking a jog on this new city that you are visiting. Here is some of the music that I recommend that you must have on your iPod’s...