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Australia’s Best Destinations for Wildlife Enthusiasts

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In such a large and diverse country as Australia there are host of destinations for visitors interested in discovering its unique inhabitants. Kakadu National Park Kakadu National Park is the largest in Australia, covering over 20,000 km. It is home to 2000 plant species and numerous animals; some of which can only be found at this location....

Free Attractions in Auckland

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Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand (but not the capital; that distinction goes to the one and only Wellington), and it is an absolutely fantastic place to visit for a week or three. It’s a beautifully natural area, incorporating everything from beaches and rainforests to volcanoes. Attractions in / CC BY-SA However,...

Top Spots Perfect for the Kids in Melbourne

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Melbourne may be the second largest city in Australia, but it has more than enough attractions and activities to keep your children entertained on their vacation. Melbourne is not only an amazing place to go on holiday, but the state capital Victoria is one of the country’s culture hubs, a fantastic and diverse location to see some...

G’day Mate – Your Year Abroad Down Under

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Australia, the home of the very idea of a year abroad and rightly so! The very sight of the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters really makes you wonder what the British government was thinking using it as a prison during the 1800s – the things you have to do for a holiday, I suppose. Nowadays, however, the country/continent...

How to Plan a Trip to Melbourne

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Melbourne is one of Australia’s most popular tourist spots. The beautiful views, amazing works of architecture and various events make Melbourne a great place to visit while traveling or during vacation. However, you should ensure that you are prepared for your trip before heading to Melbourne. There are many sites to see and you only...

Time to Plan a Camping Adventure in Australia

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Anyone who wants to see the real Australia should consider camping. Pitching a tent and going to those out of the way places will be a great way to get a true glimpse of this amazing country. There are some free places to camp in Australia and they offer good facilities for most campers. Of course camping near a national park is a favorite...

Reef and Relaxation: Cairns

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Australia is known worldwide as a rugged and frontier like land and Queensland’s far north is about as rugged and frontier like as it gets. Cape York is home to places still untouched by the feet of western man and features rivers, bays, forests and reefs that are among the most unspoiled in the entire world. The gateway to this region...

Amazing Photography Tourism in Sydney, Australia

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Sydney Opera

Australia is a breathtaking venue ripe with opportunities for exceptional photographs. The architecture in the area is astounding. The natural beauty of the island is recognized worldwide. Indigenous wildlife and foliage also make good subjects for photographs. Consider a tour focused on travel photography to take advantage of the beautiful...

Best of Hot Air Balloon Spots In Australia

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Hot Air Balloon Spots In Australia

Hot Air Balloon Spots In Australia Australia is very famous for its popular tourist destinations. It offers a scintillating experience to the tourists. It is also home to several rare wildlife and marine species in this world. Tour operators across the globe consider Australia to be one of the best travel destinations owing to its stunning...

3 Unique Australia Eco Lodges

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Silky Oaks Lodge: Mossman, Australia Silky Oaks Lodge is ideal for those looking for a relaxing rainforest retreat. Situated in the Daintree rainforest, one of the oldest living rainforest on Earth, the lodge offers a tranquil setting on the crystal clear Mossman River.  There are 50 spacious treehouses and riverhouses, each with a verandah...

Ringing in the New Year Down Under

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New Year

Whether it’s fireworks for the family or sizzling sparks on the club scene, Australia is the place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Summer nights and nearly endless variety make New Year’s Eve Down Under special. From the Gala at Sydney’s Opera House to catching first light at Lord Howe Island, there is truly something for everybody...

5 Things to Do in Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea offers a wide range of activities for the adventurous traveler. Whether you love water sports, photography, diverse cultures or the natural environment, you’re sure to find something that captures your attention on this South Pacific Island. Attend a Festival You’re likely familiar with the images of tribes dressed in...