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Benefits of Renting a Florida Villa

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Florida villa

With easy access to beautiful beaches, golf courses, excellent theme parks and amazing beauty: can there be anywhere better for a family holiday than Florida? Find out why the US ‘Sunshine State’ is so popular. Florida villa Florida holidays have become so popular for many people because it is the ideal place for all age groups, young...

If You’re Going to San Francisco – What To See and Do When You Get There

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San Francisco is one of the top tourist attractions in the world with visitors from all over the United States, Europe and the rest of the world flocking there in their thousands each year. In this article, we take a look at the top attractions that San Francisco has to offer. Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is the most visited...

Visit Family at Fort Benning

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Fort Benning

Do you have family at Fort Benning? If so, book a hotel near Fort Benning and make it easy. The Fort itself is a working military establishment. It is not possible for individuals to simply enter the Fort at any time. Rather, as a working Fort that has numerous activities occurring at it each day, you will need to have permission to visit....

NYC: Best Places to visit at Night time

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New York by night

New York by night New York is a city we’re all familiar with, even if we’ve never been we still think of it as one of the most exciting places to visit. Everything from the clubs near Central Park to the venues around Time Square to Broadway and visions of Frank Sinatra, to the cheap hotels in New York, make it one of the most sought after vacation...

Best family friendly beaches in the US

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Cape May Beach

I regard planning my family’s vacation as a lot of fun – checking out which areas to visit, and finding out about what there is to see and do in each place.  However, when I set about this task each year I always have to be ready to answer the same query from the kids: what are the beaches like?  I gave up long ago trying to get...

Run Wild in Washington

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Actors in the Fringe Festival

Washington has been witness to many historic events in its history; of course the very creation of the Capital city named after George Washington is a major historical event in itself. For sure there are plenty of patriarchal places to be visited on a tourist trip to Washington, and of course many places to see in real life that might...

Union Square

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Union Square, New York

Union Square, New York Union Square has the history of being a meeting place for rallies and social interaction. It is at the intersection of Broadway and 4th Avenue and gets its name merely for its physical position rather than from any political significance. George Washington’s Statue in bronze has been a centrepiece in the Square...

Top 10 Fishing Locations in Florida

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Fishing Locations in Florida

Fishing Locations in Florida Florida offers literally thousands of great fishing spots throughout the state. The choice of the best fishing locations in the Sunshine State depends on several factors. Some locations are better for certain types of fish and others are better for trophy fish you can proudly mount on your wall. Here are ten...

Best Outdoor Attractions of LV

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, night clubs, extravagant performances, cheap hotels serving their famous brunches and theme parks that seem to be part of each of the city’s resort hotels. These are all fantastic amenities but for those of you looking for a different kind of vacation, the exciting activities here don’t...

What to See in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis sightseeing

Indianapolis sightseeing Every year, the city that hosts the Superbowl has several special events for the week leading up to the big game. From concerts to specific Superbowl villages, visitors to Indianapolis will have plenty of Indianapolis sightseeing and special activities to participate in. For those traveling to Indianapolis for the first time, you...

Top 10 Cities to Visit in the US

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas There are so many great cities to visit all across the United States.  From cities bustling with excitement to cities known for its scenic attractions there are so many diverse locations across the United States that are a “must see”! New York City – Whether it’s your first time visiting New York City or you have...

My Holiday in New York

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Holiday in New York

I went on holiday in New York City last December. Holiday in New York It had always been my dream to visit NYC, so I decided last month that I would finally make that dream come true. I had a couple of hundred dollars in my savings account so I decided to use that to finance my trip. I also did research on the internet and typed in New...