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5 of the world’s best holiday cities

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Rio de Janeiro

Of all the cities in the world only some of them are tailor made to sweep you off your feet and give to you the holiday experience of a lifetime. And guess what? are going to tell you our top five, so allow us to take you on a journey through the best of the best, first stop… Rio de Janeiro Rio De Janeiro A combination...

What are the things to do before you plan a trip to Disney Land?

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Disney Land

No matter in which part of the world you are travelling, early planning is a must as it can bring about a lot of difference in the kind of experience that you  are going to have there. This is especially true for famous theme parks like Disney land which attracts thousands of vacationers from all over the world every year. Here is a...

Top 5 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2012

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Sunset beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

The travel business in 2012 has seen some interesting shifts in the top destinations people choose to visit. Some of these destinations are unexpected, while others are old favorites. All are perfect for a variety of travelers: those going on family vacations, those going for getaways with friends, or even for honeymooners taking a first...

Top 5 places to go in Alaska in the summer

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laskan Fjord

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the Northern Hemisphere, yet at times one of the coldest with winter temperatures plunging to around 20°F. So why not visit this American state in sunnier climes? Temperatures in the summer months (June-August) are a more comfortable 65°F. Here are the Top 5 places you should go when planning...

What is glamping?

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glamping Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss, Jodie Kidd and Sienna Miller have been doing it for years. The craze keeps snowballing in popularly and is sweeping across Europe as we speak. What are we talking about?!? Glamping! Put simply, glamping is glorious camping. It’s everything that’s good about camping – only...

4 Wicked Destinations for a Cheap Girlie Holiday

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girls-holiday More and more ladies venture out into the world seeking holiday destinations. Find a laid-back location to escape the stress of everyday life or indulge in an adrenaline pumping adventure while visiting some of the most scenic places on the planet. Ensuring the safest and most fun-filled holiday often only entails familiarization...

3 Epic Trips for you and your Mates

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Keeping your buddies busy for a stag party, birthday party, or a guy’s weekend is no easy task. When you’re the best man or party planner,  you’ve got your work cut out for you and the last thing that you want to do is let down the man who is about to spend the rest of his life with one woman, as well as a handful of his closest...

Road Tripping Through America

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Airplanes have really made land travel something of a novelty these days – if you’re going a long distance, and have the money of course, planes are the way to go. In this post, I hope to discourage the apparent ease of air travel in favor of the limitless advantages of an old fashioned road trip. Besides, anyone who actually uses airplanes knows that...

Wildlife Conservation Vacation

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Wildlife Conservation Vacation

Save The Leopard Wildlife Conservation VacationFirst of all, what is a wildlife conservation vacation? Around the world we are quite familiar now with the terms ‘volunteer vacation’ or ‘working holidays’ where anyone can use some of their holiday to give a little bit back to the local community or other communities abroad. This could include teaching...

The 4 Most Surreal Places You Can Ever Visit

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airport While the majority of us enjoy our package holidays in a sun kissed resort, sampling local ruins or the regions most renowned museum is as close as most of us get to experiencing a countries deep rooted culture. This betrays the fact however that the world is full of surreal and stunningly beautiful locations, some which defy belief in terms of their...

Do’s and Don’ts for safari tours

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safari tours

safari tours Every summer I arrange a day trip to one of the zoos in my region and invite all of my friends along – what better way to spend a hot summer’s day? Well, now I know! Last year I jetted off on one of my escorted holidays to South Africa and went on safari at the Kapama Private Game Reserve and, let me tell you, it was the most amazing experience...

Top 10 countries for a scuba-diving holiday

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scuba-diving holiday

scuba-diving holiday The majority of our planet is underwater, and there is nothing quite like exploring it for yourself. No two countries or dive sites are the same either, from the visibility, to the animals you might encounter whilst you’re down there – the sights you’ll see underwater are just as varied as those you would above...