If you’re planning an action-packed holiday to Cancun, you might be struggling to pick your exact destination. The city in south-eastern Mexico caters for all tastes with its long history, rich culture and glorious natural scenery, but to experience all of this and more, a visit to Xcaret should be top of your list.

Xcaret Riviera Maya Mexico

Xcaret Riviera Maya Mexico

The site of a former Mayan civilisation, Xcaret is now a luxury resort and park where visitors can explore ruins, get close to wildlife and take part in a wide range of activities, all in a beautiful setting. Keep reading to discover our top experiences and ensure your holiday sightseeing in Cancun is memorable for all the right reasons.

Explore ancient ruins

Xcaret was formerly a Mayan port city known as Ppole and there are remnants of the metropolis’ history in the form of ancient monuments and temples dotted throughout the park. Additionally, the Mayan ruins of Tulum aren’t far from the site and are well worth a visit during your getaway.

This former walled city stood atop tall cliffs next to the coast many centuries ago, but was ravaged by disease following the Spanish occupation and fell shortly afterwards. Despite this, there is still plenty to see, including a castle of sorts and a number of temples, many of which are largely intact.

Ride a horse through the jungle

For a really memorable experience during your time at Xcaret, explore the surrounding jungle on a horse. A riding tour with an experienced guide will introduce you to the rugged natural beauty of the landscape around the park, and will also take you to some secluded beaches.

As you travel, you might spot some of the 60 or so temples and hundreds of houses scattered throughout the wilderness that date back to ancient times.

Have a go at the watersports

The coastal location of Xcaret means it’s a popular spot for watersports, and you can try your hand at kayaking in the estuary or swimming with dolphins at the Delphinius centre. The latter is a must-visit for many visitors to Xcaret, and your experience will depend on the type of programme you choose.

You could opt for some quality time interacting with the gentle creatures, feel their might as they propel you through the water by pushing your feet, or even book a ride on one of the mammals.

Walk along the bottom of the sea

Another popular activity you might want to try is walking along the bottom of the sea. You don’t need any prior experience of scuba diving or snorkelling to have a go; simply bring your swimsuit or trunks and put on a special helmet that will allow you to breathe under the water.

The weight of the helmet helps you maintain stability as you make your way along the seabed, surrounded by colourful tropical fish.

Take a wine tour

Xcaret is home to its very own wine cellar, where you can wander through the underground chambers and learn about the 500-year evolution of wine in Mexico.

An expert sommelier will provide you with facts and figures relating to the process of wine-making and its history in the area as you pass more than 180 labels from prestigious winemakers. At the end of the tour, you’ll have the chance to sample some of the wines, along with some traditional Mexican cuisine.