Abano Terme is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations for bio clay massages and thermal springs, and the baths here were known to the Romans as Aquae Patavinae, more than 2,000 years ago. In addition to the tens of new and modern hotels and spa centers that surround the Abano Terme resort, there are numerous reminisces of ancient baths that have been discovered here, and that date back to the 16th century.

Abano Terme (PD) - Italia

Abano Terme has been an autonomous comune for more than eight centuries, and it is visited by thousands of tourists who want to come here on holiday and enjoy the thermal baths with therapeutic properties.

Why Choose A Luxury Hotel In Abano Terme?

Only a luxury hotel such as the well-known TAS hotels will make you feel truly comfortable and relaxed. Ideally, a luxury hotel should combine comfort with serenity, and this can only be achieved with additional facilities designed to pamper the customers and to make them feel like they really are on a five-star holiday.

That being said, the TAS hotels located in Abano Terme have high end, state of the art facilities such as spa centers or swimming pools where the hotel guests can unwind, relax and let off some steam, while treating some of their ailments at the same time. Abano Terme is a very popular destination not only for arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers, but also for those who enjoy the bio clay wraps for a healthier and more beautiful skin.

What Makes The TAS Hotels Abano Terme So Popular?

First and foremost, the TAS hotel chains, best luxury spa hotels in europe, is known to offer accommodation options for all pockets. No matter if you want to spoil yourself with the comfort and luxury of a five-star hotel, or you would like to emphasise more on the medicinal benefits of the thermal springs and opt for a more affordable yet equally comfortable three-star hotel, TAS hotel chains will certainly meet your needs.

Over the years, TAS hotels have remained on top of the list for most of those who travel to Abano Terme. The hotel chain remains faithful to the same high level of luxury and same quality standards it has accustomed its customers with, over the years.

To conclude, Abano Terme is the perfect destination for those who want to organise a small yet fulfilling and refreshing holiday, without luxury hotel abano terme spending a small fortune to have a good time.

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