Chances are that if you are visiting Vancouver, you appreciate the natural world and the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Vancouver is beautiful city with everything from world class shopping, dining and entertainment to rustic and romantic places to enjoy your vacation. However, if you are looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, then get on board a Vancouver to Whistler shuttle and get ready for an unbelievable getaway in the heart of Canada’s most revered outdoor playground.

While you don’t need to give a local a reason to go to Whistler, there are many why travelers to Vancouver should make the trip to Whistler during their visit in British Columbia. First and foremost, the skiing conditions in Whistler are considered some of the best in the world, and travelers from all over the globe come to enjoy deep snow and gorgeous scenery. However, if skiing wasn’t on the agenda there are still many great reasons why thousands of tourists take the Vancouver to Whistler shuttle everyday.

Downtown Vancouver Sunset
Trip From VancouverMagnusL3D / Foter / CC BY-SA

Firstly, lets talk skiing in deep, light and dry powder with virtually unlimited descent to carve, shred and explore. Whistler is home to some of the most revered ski conditions in the world, and the snow that covers these mountains was made for skiing and snowboarding. With one of the highest annual snowfall rates in the world, Whistler truly is a skier’s paradise. Not only are the ski conditions incredible, but there are many accommodation options available as well.

Hard core ski enthusiasts will probably want to stay at a resort directly on the hill. These options let you literally wake up, put on your gear and step outside onto the slopes and away you go! While you don’t have to, you can actually ski to dinner down in the Village! Those who stay on the mountain will surely enjoy the incredible evening activities and parties that also make Whistler such a hot spot for tourists of all ages and backgrounds. Whether skiing, eating or relaxing, everyone seems to have an amazing time when in Whistler.

If you are an International traveler, you will fly into Vancouver International Airport before making your way to Whistler. You can organize a shuttle for you and your travelling crew to make sure that everyone stays together and you get to your destination as quick as possible. While private and group shuttles are an option, solo or small groups travellers may want to take a bus there, which is also available throughout the day. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, you can even arrange to leave right from the airport!